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How good has OSU been in basketball this year?



It’s time for another scatter plot. I took the current Pomeroy offensive and defensive ratings (basically points per 100 possessions adjusted for SOS).

Offense is on the Y axis. The teams at the top are the highest scoring teams.

Defense is on the X axis. The teams at the left are the hardest to score against.

Ideally, you want to be at the top left of the chart. Our 2004 Final Four team had an offensive rating of 119.8 and a defensive rating of 87.8, which would have literally put them off of the chart below.


OSU is better than the conference average on both sides of the ball, although most prominently on defense. We are the 3rd best defensive team in the league right now, just edging out K-State.

We are the 4th best offensive team in the league.

Texas Tech and TCU are way behind the rest of the league, while OU is in the outer suburbs closest to the bad side of town.

I’ll keep an eye on this as the season progresses.

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