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Inside The Box Score: Baylor



1. These are all NBA players.

2. After LeBryan has a nice Big 12 tournament, gets a little NBA hype from the pundits, has some momentum, and is weighing his “should I go pro” options in late April…somebody should show him this box score and beg him to stay in school.

3. You aren’t beating the OSU women’s team if they shoot 64% in a half.

4. OSU has outrebounded its opponent seven times this year, and only twice since the Langston game in early December. It’s been outrebounded in the last five games by: 23, 6, 4, 11, and 23 respectively. In a seemingly related note, it plays a 1-guard and 2-guard at the same time whose combined height is like 10’4.

5. It’s buried beneath the NBA arrows, but Perry Jones went 8-12 and I barely felt like he was in the game. He’s a smooth operator and I think if he can get a little more mentally tough he has a chance to be a star in the League.

6. If OSU isn’t going to run, and clearly it isn’t, then it’s going to have to make more than one out of every four three pointers to hang with most teams in the league, much less the league favorite.

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