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Inside The Box Score: Iowa State



Going inside a pretty interesting box score against the ‘Clones from a dandy on Tuesday night.

1. Was he hot last night, or no? Shooting 38% on the year and he hit 5-7 in the second half.

2. White was ridiculous in the first half. He basically did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted to do it. He was listed at the four but pretty much playing the one and Iowa State was running their entire offense through him. It was amazing to watch, thankfully he picked up foul #3 with 12 minutes left and had to sit for a while. The game definitely shifted at that point.

3. The last time OSU got out-shot from the line was their road trip to Ames. They’ve been destroying teams at the line in the last five games, one reason they’ve been playing so well of late.

4. Markel got a nice swat on a three tonight to which I though, “man, I haven’t seen that very much this year.” Sure enough: last year – 33 blocks as a freshman…this year – 17 blocks as a sophomore. Strange.

5. You guys realize OSU is a Scott Christopherson prayer from being tied for 4th in the Big 12, right?

6. Keiton’s 3-point percentage falls to 33%. I understand the “but he’s carrying the offense” argument…but he’s not carrying the offense anymore.

7. That arrow is supposed to be pointing at Brian Williams’ 4-10 performance, which DROPS his 2-point percentage to 58%. FIFTY-EIGHT!

8. For OSU to shoot 25% from three and still come up with a W is huge. I remember when they used to have to shoot like 78% on three balls to even have a shot in the last two minutes.

9. Fire this man.

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