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Inside the box score: TCU

Marcus had another amazing line, Markel’s points/FGA continues to be great, and TCU’s shooting percentages were egregious.



Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 10.59.56 AM-1

A quick one in front of the Kansas game but let’s jump into some of the numbers that stuck out on Wednesday night in GIA.

1. How many teams can you beat while shooting 29%? Ok, how many D1 teams?

2. TCU’s FG and three-point percentages added together don’t equal OSU’s total FG percentage. Wow!

3. I love OKC Dave’s total points/FGA stat he was tweeting out the other day. Markel has been great at it this season.

4. I think all four were from the baseline. Maybe that’s the spot his line drive shot was made for.

5. It was a glorious one, though.

6. Along with interior defense (and offense, for that matter) this is the thing that worries me about this team. Like I said in the 10 thoughts last night, they haven’t been over 75% since the South Carolina game in early December. That’s going to bite us at some point.

7. Tied with the most OSU has had in a Big 12 game since putting up 49 at OU in 2010.

8. Just stare at it for a while, enjoy it, stare at it some more.

9. There was no way this number should have been higher than one.

10. I didn’t realize this. How about that third wave bringing the heat on defense for OSU!


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