James Washington: ‘This Year, We Feel Like It’s The Year’

Written by Kyle Porter

Oklahoma State was recently profiled by USA Today’s George Schroeder, and it was terrific. There are terrific tidbits from Mike Gundy, Mason Rudolph, Glenn Spencer and James Washington including Rudolph saying throwing jump balls to The President is “like stealing” and Gundy saying that going deep is “who we are here.”

For the record, fair point on the stealing part.

While we’re here on Washington, Gundy was asked about him recently on a Big 12 conference call and how he compared to Dez and Justin Blackmon.

“He’s in that category with those guys,” Gundy told reporters. “Each of them has a unique way of being successful. Dez was just extremely strong and powerful. Blackmon had terrific hands and was a great route runner. James is more of a deep threat. He’s got an uncanny ability to run by you, make the catch and then not only make the catch but run in the end zone.”

So yeah, it’s clear that everyone in Stillwater is in full, “yeah, this is definitely happening” mode, and the charge is being led by the mulleted one himself. Gundy is the groundhog of his football teams. You can always gauge how good they’re going to be by how loose and playful he is (and by extension, his players and coaches are).

This spring has been one barrel of laughs after another. But you still have to play the games in the fall which some folks think Oklahoma State is going to do quite well. You still have to go to Pitt and to Texas and to West Virginia and beat Baylor and OU and TCU at home.

The Pokes remain confident, and that is exemplified in stud receiver Washington who is prepping to possibly collect all of the receiving records ever set in Stillwater.

“We’re definitely setting ourselves up to win the Big 12 championship and hopefully go to the (College Football Playoff),” Washington told USA Today. “It’s what we’ve been working toward. We’ve been so close. This year, we feel like it’s the year.”

134 days until showtime (also go read Schroeder’s piece).

  • Son of a Cowboy

    The next 134 days cannot pass quick enough! It will be tremendous to see these guys light up some scoreboards!

  • Doc Holliday

    “Going deep is who we are here”

    • jt


    • frankwick

      yes! And a bowl game against a SEC team.

    • David Einstein


  • The early season playbook better be open past the first page. Tulsa and Pitt will be gunning….

    • Doc Holliday

      I’ve thought the same thing….TU did beat CMU 55-10 and we’ll just leave it at that

    • CowPoke

      Yes, OSU has better athletes, let them run and the score will work itself out over the course of the game.

  • CowPoke

    Me too James, me too…

  • Randy Bowlin

    Unfortunately this is also the year we’ll have to beat OU twice.