Jawun Brings Back Bedlam in Summer League

Written by Hayden Barber

Think back to when Jawun Evans sliced through the heart of the Oklahoma defense for an and-1 basket to give Oklahoma State the late lead. And then flexed.

If that isn’t ringing any obvious bells, here it is in all its glory.


About that, he did it again Friday night in the Los Angeles Clippers’ 109-100 Summer League loss against the Golden State Warriors in Vegas. Minus the flex.

Evans finished with a classy 17 points, six assists, three boards and a steal to fill the stat sheet. In the Clips’ final Summer League game, Evans bested his average in each of those stat categories.

Evans Summer Stats AVERAGE FRIDAY
POINTS 6.3 17

Best for last, no doubt.

  • davids

    Is there any doubt about Jawun making the Clipper’s roster?

    • Steve Mehl

      NBA knows what they are looking for which may be different than how people in Orange country see things.
      We will just have to wait for the verdict.

    • EdmondPoke

      no, there’s no doubt, especially since CP3 left. But even before that he was going to be on that roster

  • Guest

    How is this related to bedlam? What the hell?

    • Zombie Willham


  • spokepokes

    Brings back Bedlam? Because he hit a lay-up with an and-one?