Jhajuan Seales Makes His Case to NFL Teams, Says He Loves Doing the Extra Stuff

Written by Thomas Fleming

Former Oklahoma State wide receiver Jhajuan Seales and former Middle Tennessee State running back I’Tavius Mathers went on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football to discuss the upcoming draft and their future in the NFL.

Seales talked about some things that fans might not have known about him, including the fact that he hasn’t seen Mrs. Doubtfire and he doesn’t know who Harrison Ford is (even Porter knows that). But more importantly, he made his case to why he should be drafted. Not only does he run a 4.37 (!) 40, but he also takes pride in his physicality and ability to both block and catch passes.

“I feel like I bring something different to the table with being physical, being able to block on the perimeter and being fast as well,” Seales said in the interview. “Most receivers don’t like blocking and doing the extra stuff … but I provide that for you.”

Watch the full NFL Network interview here:

  • PonchoPete

    since he likes blocking could you see him making the switch to tight end or maybe O line in the NFL?

    • Scott

      Not sure if you are serious or not, but way too small for TE much less o line. He would need to put on a bare minimum of at least 100 pounds and that’s not happening.

      • Poked by Boone

        PonchoPete is nothing if not serious. Are you serious Scott?

        • Byle Koone

          Honestly Seals has the potential to be an all NBA center.

  • Scott

    If he could catch just a little better it wouldn’t be a question. With as physical as he is, I bet he would have made a really good safety.

  • Darth

    Just wanted to say I appreciate the dig at KP for having no appreciable sense of pop culture

  • Dooley23

    A couple of those guys doing the interview were complete douches and full of themselves

  • spokepokes

    If he can work on his hands more he’s an NFL caliber receiver. He is freaky athletic and an awesome blocker. He made a lot of circus catches in his tenure at OSU