Joel Klatt Predicts Mason Rudolph to Win Heisman Trophy

Written by Kyle Boone

The preseason hype surrounding Mason Rudolph and the Cowboys has been flooding in this week, with Sports Illustrated naming OSU as a College Football Playoff Team and Rudolph landing on the cover of the magazine.

Fox Sports’ Joel Klatt continued the trend of preseason praise on Friday when he named Rudolph as his pick to not only get an invite to New York for the Heisman Trophy presentation, but to win the Heisman Trophy in 2017.

“The guy I think is going to win the Heisman Trophy: Mason Rudolph of Oklahoma State. He’s this perfect combination of on the radar yet not the favorite where we’re going to pay attention to him as he puts up gaudy numbers when they’re likely undefeated through the first half of the season maybe three-fourths of the season before they play Oklahoma, and yet he’s not the favorite.

“We’re not going to expect him to be perfect every single week. Mason Rudolph in that offense with that receiving corps is going to put up huge numbers. We’re going to be following him each and every week en route to what I think is a Heisman Trophy for Oklahoma State.”

Although Rudolph isn’t the dual-threat, jump-off-the-screen athlete that will wow fans from home like a Lamar Jackson or Baker Mayfield, there’s no denying Klatt is right in that he’s going to put up some insane numbers this year airing it out in his senior season.

OSU enters the preseason ranked No. 11 in the coaches poll, which does give Klatt’s argument some validity: OSU, like Mason Rudolph, is a perfect combination of on the radar yet not the favorite. And it’s why many like the Cowboys as a sleeper to make the playoff this season behind the Heisman-contending senior quarterback.

  • Ric Willies

    I can’t take much more of this. After suffering through OSU football of the 90s to get to the point where we are in the conversation for the playoffs, Heisman, big 12 title. Its a great time to be a Poke fan.

    • kspokesfan

      It is… The kids of today have no idea what level the Pokes have risen to.

      • jt

        That is no lie. I went to OSU from 97-02 In in that time I saw 2 winning seasons, which was considered lucky at that time.

        • Kelly Porter

          Wow, two winning seasons. I wish I’d had that. ’89-’93. We didn’t even have flowers out in front of the student union or water in the fountain. We even had to go to Stillwater High library to borrow books for class.

      • Chris Putnam

        I remember 0-10-1…at the end of the year, there was only a small band of season ticket holders in between the 45 yard lines. We knew we were not good enough to win so we were cheering for Denson to crack a 100 yards in a game. Which he did in the last game.

        • guest

          And then our Sooner friends sang “oh-ten-and-one” to the tune of “O Tannenbaum” throughout the Christmas break…

          • Clint

            Oh please…all of you…STOP!!! haha! Me too – I was there in those days (87-91)…when we went from Thurman/Barry to cheering like crazy against KU when we got our first 1st down of the game – at home – against KANSAS – on a late hit – in the 2nd quarter!!!!!
            These days are precious and to be relished!!!
            GO POKES!!

        • Kelly Porter

          The stadium was in such bad shape that when you sat in the stands you couldn’t see lines on the field because they were so faded.

    • Fred

      I’m drinking so much koolaid I will be diabetic by the time we actually kick the season off.

    • Travis Kibler

      I entered school in 2003 just as we were beginning our ascent. Been a season ticket holder ever since. I’m so pumped for this season I cannot even stand it. I need to try to temper my excitement. One game at a time; Tulsa is up.

  • Ak47

    This would be HuUge for the program. I think we underestimate how much the heisman RG3 got for Baylor did for their program. I think it is one of the bigger reasons (and the fact they cheated) they were able to climb higher than Oklahoma state in such a short time.

    • Tbeezy

      Bigly Yuge

    • Clint

      “I think it is one of the bigger reasons (and the fact they cheated)…”
      GREAT line!!!

  • Mark

    I appreciate the vote of confidence, but I don’t agree with Joel. I think it’s reasonable to say that if Mason progresses in his skills exponentially over last year, then he’s definitely a legitimate candidate. But there’s no way I would predict him to actually win it at this point.

  • Les Miles

    Most QB Heisman winners rarely fumble the ball and throw nice intermediate passes.

    • Evie Taylor

      please. Most don’t play injured for two years behind an offensive line that never protected him, one year without a running game and you think Mason fumbles the ball too much and can’t make his short passes. OMG, please. 4 interceptions and played from the Texas game on with a broken rib. Not everyone agrees. I am one of them. AND, Anyone who compares him to Brandon Weeden is not comparing apples to apples.

      • Clint

        I totally agree with you…I think…not sure where you went after the TX game comment… 🙂

    • Guest

      Mason fumbled as much as Darnlod last year and everyone loves Darnold.

    • Lokeasy

      Most QB Heisman winners don’t deserve the trophy in the first place…

      • Stepdaddy

        Jason White is a head scratcher.

        • Clint

          Our local Gino Torretta…

  • Thomas

    I will happily go along with Joel on this one. Great, great receiving corpse (with or without Washington), looking for Tyrone and Tylan to make a huge difference, improved line with huge new protection at Mason!s back, and good running backs, and at least a degree of progress from Mason himself (as in intermediate passes), maybe even improved scheme, and a good, but not great schedule. Good new attitude overall on the team with some preseason recognition. Just hope it doesn’t rain. No rain and Mason is gold.

    • Mark

      Let’s hope we don’t have any fatalities out there in our receiving *corp.* LOL

      • Uncle Jed

        Sorry, but ‘corp’ is incorrect also. It’s ‘corps’

    • oSuJones

      Having a corpse as receiver is definitely a huge advantage…I mean who wants to touch a dead body?

      • Thomas

        Still, It will mess up the whole thread if I change it now. Besides, it seems there was once a president who set the precedent.

    • carl lamar

      The Zomby Receivers! I love it! Like Zombys they just keep coming & coming. Picking a Heisman winner before a game is played is like night golf. Its fun, and Thats about it. It could literally be any of 100 guys who handle the ball a lot. It helps to be a dark horse on a suddenly popular team. But, gaudy numbers aren’t enough. He’ll have to surpass the hype, lead his team to wins in big games, & team must be there at the end. Lastly, you gotta have luck.

  • Wayne from Forty One

    I can’t agree with him #29SinorforHeisman

  • Sean Flanagan

    Heard this on the radio here in Huntsville, Alabama today. Who would have thought they would be talking about Gundy and Oklahoma State? Maybe somebody can find a better way to post this link. Schroeder previews Oklahoma State & the upcoming college football season

  • Travis Kibler

    I like Joel Klatt, he’s always up on our Pokes.

  • osuespirit

    I do not feel sorry for any of you. I went to OSU in the 1950’s. There were some winning seasons but not many. I have learned not to get my hopes up. This is scary!

  • Clint

    I’m getting a little verklempt…

  • Charles G. Friel

    Talk about terrible football go back to 63. We did beat OU in 65 (3 and 7 season) and again in 66. Phil Cutchin was the coach at the time and a popular saying was “Impeach LBJ”. My roommate and I got a bed sheet and spray painted “Impeach Phil” on it. Attached to two broomsticks we held it up at half time. Still have the College newspaper with us on the front page.

  • Nicholas D.

    Here it is on youtube in case you don’t feel like watching it on twitter.