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Joel Klatt Predicts Mason Rudolph to Win Heisman Trophy



The preseason hype surrounding Mason Rudolph and the Cowboys has been flooding in this week, with Sports Illustrated naming OSU as a College Football Playoff Team and Rudolph landing on the cover of the magazine.

Fox Sports’ Joel Klatt continued the trend of preseason praise on Friday when he named Rudolph as his pick to not only get an invite to New York for the Heisman Trophy presentation, but to win the Heisman Trophy in 2017.

“The guy I think is going to win the Heisman Trophy: Mason Rudolph of Oklahoma State. He’s this perfect combination of on the radar yet not the favorite where we’re going to pay attention to him as he puts up gaudy numbers when they’re likely undefeated through the first half of the season maybe three-fourths of the season before they play Oklahoma, and yet he’s not the favorite.

“We’re not going to expect him to be perfect every single week. Mason Rudolph in that offense with that receiving corps is going to put up huge numbers. We’re going to be following him each and every week en route to what I think is a Heisman Trophy for Oklahoma State.”

Although Rudolph isn’t the dual-threat, jump-off-the-screen athlete that will wow fans from home like a Lamar Jackson or Baker Mayfield, there’s no denying Klatt is right in that he’s going to put up some insane numbers this year airing it out in his senior season.

OSU enters the preseason ranked No. 11 in the coaches poll, which does give Klatt’s argument some validity: OSU, like Mason Rudolph, is a perfect combination of on the radar yet not the favorite. And it’s why many like the Cowboys as a sleeper to make the playoff this season behind the Heisman-contending senior quarterback.

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