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Justin Gilbert is about to get paid

Another Cowboy-2-Cowboy connection?



If you’re a reader of this here blog you know I have a Calvin Barnett-sized sports crush on Justin Gilbert so I’m pretty pumped about tonight.

Gilbert is going to go in the first round, get paid lots of dollars, and make some GM look wise over the next few years. Plus, if he walks out to the fight song we’re all going to die.

Anyway, here are three spots he might land tonight if he doesn’t land at the other 29..

1. Detroit Lions: This is where most of the CBS guys plus Mel Kiper have him going. He’ll get to take Jacob Lacey’s spot as the best former OSU player in the history of Detroit secondary history.

2. Dallas Cowboys: This is where Jason McIntyre has him and since nobody knows anything and Jerry Jones clearly loves Oklahoma State athletes, why not?!

3. San Diego Chargers: If he falls, this is probably where he’ll fall to. From what I’m hearing. Which is nothing.

By the way, if Gilbert goes to the Lions at No. 10 he’s going to get $12 million plus. Last year’s No. 10 pick got four years and $12.6 million.

Also, this is the greatest mock draft in the history of mock drafts

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