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Kansas Superlatives




Over… when Tyshawn Taylor hit a three with nine minutes left to make it 55-41. It would have taken a miracle to dig out of that hole.

OSU lost because… because they couldn’t score inside and couldn’t get any fast breaks (because there were no stops on D) to counter this inability to score inside. No shame in losing to KU, obviously, but I expected more tonight.

What… happened to all-conference level Markel? I’ll be the first to admit that my favorite player on this year’s team underperformed to the Nth degree tonight. OSU needed him to handle, no, destroy Tyshawn Taylor tonight and he failed in every possible way. While we’re here…isn’t Taylor a pretty good comp for him? Tall, athletic guard with the ball in his hands most of the time but not necessarily a prototypical point. Hopefully he’s more consistent over the next 60+ games than Taylor has been.

Why… (speaking of Taylor) why did his mom keep rubbing her chest after he made big plays?

Where… were you in 1988? That was the last time OSU cinched a losing record in basketball until tonight.

Who… had Cezar playing 20+ minutes tonight and actually looking good for stretches? He’s the ultimate freshman – makes stupid mistakes, beats himself up too much, and gets in his own head. Maybe he’ll come around though, jury’s still out for me.

How… much did OSU miss Nash tonight? I’m not saying they would have won with him on the floor, but it would have been a LOT more interesting. Also, how much did Brent have on KU -9? $20k is the number I’m settling on but I could be off by either a little or a LOT.

Stat Take away Keiton and Williams and OSU got beat 70-9. Only four players scored.


He’s a bad boy, man.

-Tyshawn Taylor on Keiton Page

Hero – Keiton had a great senior night: 10-19 from the field, 7-14 from three, and 29 points. I don’t understand how he does it, but he keeps doing it.

Goat – OSU needed Markel to play well pretty badly and he didn’t. In fact, he had one of his worst games of the year. Cobbins (0-6-3 and 3 fouls) wasn’t much better.


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Grade – C

Next Kansas State in the Octagon on Saturday afternoon.

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