Kevin Durant – First Millionaire Flag Football Player…Ever

Written by Kyle Porter

Photo Attribution: KT King

So imagine you’re headed up to the intramural fields in Stillwater. Your 2-2 team with the not-as-witty-as-you-think name is playing the Sigma Nu B team. Winner goes to the playoffs.

It’s a Monday night, Halloween, the real football team is 8-0, the campus is alive. You’re couldn’t be more excited about the 60-degree weather and smattering of friends and girlfriends sure to be there.

You warm up, get your flags on, win the coin toss, come out for the first drive, and get things rolling.

You score first, they answer, you get the ball back 10 minutes into the first half, look up across the field, and all of a sudden Kevin Durant is staring back at you playing free safety for the other side.

Photo Attribution: KT King

Wait….what?! Who?!

And all of a sudden, 500 people are gathered around the field like Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon have just decided to throw a squad together.

Well, that’s what happened in Stillwater on Monday night. First, Durant tweeted this on Monday afternoon:


Then next thing you know Twitter turned into an “omg Kevin Durant is playing flag football at OSU right now” festival. A sampling of tweets and pics after the jump

Photo Attribution: KT King



Photo Attribution: KT King


Photo Attribution: KT King



Photo Attribution: KT King



Photo Attribution: KT King


Photo Attribution: KT King


Photo Attribution: KT King


Photo Attribution: KT King


And finally, this from KD after he got done:

You know, just your average multimillionaire playing a flag football game with a bunch of giddy 20-year old guys on a late-October Monday night in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Most of the rest of his colleagues are probably out at posh Halloween parties, and who could blame them? That’s what we would do if we were multimillionaires.

KD though, I think we want to believe he’s different. And whether he is or not doesn’t much matter to the 6 dudes on his team and 7 dudes playing against him. They’ve all got an all-time story to tell their friends.

The guy owns Oklahoma right now, and nights like this are the reason why.

HUGE thanks to KT King on all the pictures. Be sure to check out the rest of his shots from the night as well as his other work on Flickr.

  • DJ Beck

    I couldn’t put my phone down. Thanks Kyle for bleeding orange and staying on top of things!

    • Brooke

      Way to be timely – this was awesome!

      Love reading your blog, Kyle.

  • David Einstein

    We need more people like Kevin Durant in this world. Simple as that.

  • Minor nitpick: the Sigma Nus forfeited their playoff quarterfinal game, giving up their shot at another year of winning the whole thing in order to play with Durant.

    As OSU blogger in chief, please use all your influence to get Durant and LeBron to schedule their Twitter induced bowl game at the Boone.

  • Vtrammell

    Weirdest moment ever walking up to my 11 p.m. game and seeing 500 people there.

  • Brett

    This is so awesome. One of the coolest superstars ever!

  • Brian

    It kind of reminds me of the intramural game in which Desmond Mason made me look like a fool trying to cover him… All game long. Embarrassingly awesome.

    • tennpoke

      Reminds me of playing intramural basketball back in the late 80’s and coming up against a team in the playoffs that started Thurman Thomas, Hart Lee Dykes, Garrett Limbrick,Byron Woodard and Barry Sanders. We lost…

  • This is UNREAL! Incredibly jealous of the other 13 guys on the field. That’s a story they will be telling forever. This needs to hit the ESPN wire…

    • Kyle Porter

      Just did.

  • Colin

    so awesome.

  • pogi2woods

    PFB just picked up by deadspin!

    /dong shot

  • Nolo

    “I don’t see what the big deal is. 22 year olds play flag football every day. It’s not THAT cool.” -OU Students

  • ad

    George Hill did it first in San Antonio

  • Alisha Reynolds

    that was awesome thanks for sharing!!!

  • Ashley Acklin-Duren

    Thank you Kevin for gracing us with your presence in Stillwater, Oklahoma last night!! You made a lot of people feel really special to get to meet you!!! You Rock!!!!

  • G-Block

    Class act. What more can you say about the guy?

  • sirius10

    Brandon jennings been doing this all for a minute this summer.

  • jdhwp82

    He’s not the first multimillionaire to play flag football. Remember in 1999 when Joey Galloway, who was a wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks at the time, was “holding out” from playing because of a contract dispute? During his holdout, he returned to his hometown of Bellaire, OH and played in a flag football league in Wheeling, WV. This was a big story at the time and was even shown on ESPN. I played in the same league as he did after my high school football season was over that year and the following two years.

  • sonali joshi

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