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Let’s Look at Gus Johnson’s Best Oklahoma State Calls



We get a Saturday night shootout in Lubbock, and there to guide through all the tortilla tossing, mullet talk and big plays will be the all-star crew of Joel Klatt, Gus Johnson and Jenny Taft. I’m here for all of it.

It’s going to be electric inside Jones AT&T Stadium and there’s no one better to bring that feeling to your living room than Gus. So, to get us ready, I went back and pieced together some of Gus’ all-time OSU calls over the last few years. Hope you enjoy.

Rudolph’s first score

There’s a little setup with this one but I think it makes the play even better. Plus, it shows you that Mike Gundy can attempt to score at the end of a half.

Rudolph-to-Washington to break the seal against TCU

This was an all-time play to start off an all-time game against No. 10 TCU. Basically, you could just go and rewatch this entire game. It’s full of great calls.

The Answer

Gus takes us through gamut of emotions with this great setup and call.


Another great one from Rudolph’s debut was this out to David Glidden.

Mason Rudolph’s first long ball

One of my favorite Gus calls just because of what it meant. Gus echoed what we were all feeling. “So they finally let the true freshman air it out.” Classic.

Chelf-to-Seales in Lubbock

To commemorate his return to Lubbock with Oklahoma State, here’s Gus on the Chelf-to-Seales long ball.

And we couldn’t leave this next one out. It’s a good of one as any to take us out.

Get-away-from-the-cops speed

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