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Let’s Rank These 36 Desmond Mason Dunks from His Days at OSU

All 55 seconds of them.



It’s Thursday, which means Desmond Mason’s college career is still awesome.

The Original Dez posted a video on Twitter of 36 (I think it was 36 … ) of his best senior year-only (!) college dunks. I have nothing better to do this morning so let’s rank them from 1-36.

As an aside: How far has video quality and clarity come in the last two decades. Desmond Mason was in college this century, and it looks like I’m staring at Andrew Jackson dunking on Martin Van Buren!

Let’s go.

1. (0:33) — The perfect summation of that era.

2. (0:20) — I can’t stop watching it. This happened in a real game!

3. (0:51) — I bet Eddie was pleased with this one.

4. (0:23) — I mean, if this happened in 2019, we’d have to build a new website.

5. (0:46) — Gottlieb knew.

6. (0:28) — On a top-20 KU team in old GIA. Nearly on Mr. Phog himself. Violent.

7. (0:26) — THERE ARE TOO MANY!

8. (0:39) — The pass was better than the dunk, but the dunk was filthy.

9. (0:04) — At Baylor? Look where he takes off from.

10. (0:24) — Left hand from behind the circle. Sure.

11. (0:09) — I’m glad he didn’t injure himself in the first round of the Tourney with this one. Looked like a shoulder dislocation, a staple of the Desmond era was him looking like he was attempting to injure himself with the rim.

12. (0:02) — If Desmond had a logo (actually maybe he does?) this should be it. The off-two-feet-finish-with-one hand hammer. Put it in my bloodstream.

13. (0:13) — This is a joke. To dunk like this in a real game is crazy, to do it off an oop is preposterous.

14. (0:14) — Do what?

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 10.41.55 AM.png

15. (0:05) — Those unis make me sweat. Need them.

16. (0:31) — Poor TCU never seen something like that.

17. (0:03) — OU in GIA. My ears rang just watching this.

18. (0:18) — Kinda yammed on somebody here (from Kansas State). A total yam would be in the top 10.

19. (0:40) — How many backup rims they have at GIA?

20. (0:44) — Not to wax too poetic, but 34 was special. So talented. So mature for a college player. He was just the best.

21. (0:32) — Another one that’s kinda on somebody but kinda not.

22. (0:01) — Nothing special, although that looks like it’s on OU.

23. (0:36) — Poor Fred got hammered on! (Might not have been Fred).

24. (0:16) — Scary that a dunk like this is so low on the list.

25. (0:41) — They’re starting to run together!

26. (0:10) — Need more context, but this is silly high.

27. (0:22) — Normal college dunk.

28. (0:47) — Yes.

29. (0:48) — Yes!

30. (0:49) — YES!

31. (0:34) — At KU always gets a bump.

32. (0:42) — Not the greatest dunk, but I believe it’s on OU.

33. (0:43) — THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

34. (0:27) — This is a top-five dunk for most college players. I don’t have it in his top 30 … of his senior year.

35. (0:37) — Routine.

36. (0:03) — Talking about practice!


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