Marcus Smart Fined $25,000 by NBA for Obscene Gesture

Written by Kyle Cox

Marcus Smart’s week just got a little bit worse.

After his Boston Celtics’ 111-97 loss to the 8th-seeded Chicago Bulls, they found themselves just the second 1-seed to go down 0-2 in an NBA playoff series in the modern era.

If that wasn’t enough to frustrate the former Oklahoma State guard, insult was added to injury by way of a $25,000 fine from the league office for a gesture he made¬†(apparently) to a hometown fan.

It’s unclear who the uncordial¬†greeting was intended for but it came on the heels of a missed 3-pointer by Smart as the Celtics were down 14 late in the game.

Smart finished Game 2 with 13 points (6 of 11), 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks. Game 3 is in Chicago on Friday night.


  • Alec M

    That’s half of my annual salary. What is this guy thinking?

    • Forever 14

      He’s thinking it’s 1% of his annual salary.

      • Alec M

        I realize. But that could be going to his family or a charity. Instead, he’s backing a BRINKS truck up to the NBA headquarters, again

        • EdmondPoke

          Yep because in that exact instance in the middle of competition he should think about all the thinks he could give money to besides the NBA. Be realistic. And that money is just about half of what he made PER GAME this year. So realistically he does care about it.

  • T-Bone

    He should have stayed in school and gotten an education. Then he wouldn’t be such an idiot.