• Brett

    Is there anywhere we can see the whole press conference?

  • Godwin

    Breaks my heart we didn’t have a better coach for him while at OSU. I will always remember him as one of the greats.

    • SoS

      he had a lot more heart than he gets credit for. I’ll miss Markel. Always an underrated player

  • Kevin

    To me… Markel was everything Desmond was… it’s just Ford < Eddie and the fans/interest in basketball now < the fans/interest in basketball then.

    Would love a post(s) reviewing his career in detail going over where he ended up ranked statistically and opinion-wise amongst the greats in the program's history.


    why was there an oregon player at the end? was this from last year ?

    • SoS

      I think this was just a snippet of a bigger montage of teams’ press conferences after losing in the tourney

  • Pistols Fired!!

    Markel Brown… lift your head and be as proud of your time at OSU as we are of you! You were in a no win situation and that wasn’t your fault. Just like the soldiers in Vietnam (albeit, they were on a much larger scale than college basketball…) you served proudly, you served well and you gave it your all. It was just a war that you never should have been having to fight in the first place!!