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RESULTS: Markel voted better than Desmond by 2-to-1 margin

2s over 34. I concur, by the way.



I’m not totally surprised by the results but at the time I’m writing this Markel had garnered about 65 percent of the vote while the other 35 percent went to Desmond on the “who’s the better dunker” poll.

Maybe I should leave it up longer so all the folks who are older and have real jobs can find time to cast a vote in 34’s direction but my range balls aren’t going to hit themselves.

I suspect the results here have a lot to do with the fact that 47 percent of PFB readers are age 21-30 but I also think there’s some validity to casting Markel as king dunker of GIA.

Listen, I don’t dethrone Desmond lightly. He’s my all-time favorite player and he has a number of dunks that I’ll never forget (oop against Pepperdine in the Dance, post pattern in Lloyd Noble, etc.)

I came into last season still clinging to Desmond as the better dunker — pretty sure Carson and I had multiple double-digit text exchanges about this — but when you 360 in a division I college basketball game, I mean, what am I supposed to do with that?

He had the goods consistently for four years and did some stuff I’m not totally sure Desmond could have done. Maybe I’m wrong about that but I don’t think so.

Also consider this: I think some of Desmond’s dunks are more memorable because he played in old GIA and those were sort of the golden years of OSU hoops. But the question wasn’t “who was the more memorable dunker” and in a vacuum I think Markel takes it.

Thanks for voting, by the way. This has been fun.

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