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Mason Cox signs with Collingwood Football Club

The Yankees of the Australian Football League.



This is just…too much.

Mason Cox signed with the Collingwood Magpies (the “Pies) of the Australian Football League on Thursday. The Pies (this is what I’m going to call them) have won the league 15 times and finished runner-up 26 times meaning they’ve competed for 41 titles. No other club has even competed for more than 30.

They are the OSU golf of Australian Football.

You can watch his introduction video here (he’s got the jersey on and everything!)

Nolan (Mason’s brother) described Collingwood to me as the “Australian Yankees” and gave me the rundown on the “Australian Brian Cashman” and the “Australian Steinbrenner” — good time to note that Nolan and I are loving this as much (or more?) than Mason is.

According to its website, this is what impressed Collingwood about Mason:

“Recording elite vertical jump scores, including the second highest left-footed running leap ever documented by the AFL in 20 years of testing, Cox also demonstrated impressive speed and agility for his height, completing the 20-metre sprint in three seconds flat.”

The ol’ left-footed running leap. Who knew?

And here are some comments from general manager Derek Hine (I’m guessing this is the “Australian Brian Cashman”):

“Mason’s testing results stack up favourably against athletes who have never played football previously but have successfully made the transition to the AFL.”

“Mason is really well educated, and has been successful in any endeavour he has approached. This in itself along with his competitive drive gives us confidence that he can successfully adapt to the AFL system.”

The most incredible part of all of this to me is that a walk-on basketball player at Oklahoma State who saw 57 minutes in three years of play and got an engineering degree is not going pro in something other than sports.

What an opportunity for Mason, though. See you guys at the Australian Open in January.[1. I assume you worked that into his contract, Nolan. If not you can forget about our friendship.]

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