Mason Rudolph Weighs in on Baker Mayfield’s Flag Plant

Written by Kyle Porter

QB1 was asked on Tuesday about the Baker Mayfield flag plant at Ohio State last week, and he gave the entire question a full Heisman stiff arm.

“I think anybody with a device saw that,” said Rudolph. “Big game. I think we’re all emotional. The situation is what you make it. I really couldn’t care less. I’m focused on our guys and making sure we’re getting after it. Utilizing our off days and our time to prepare and put ourselves in the best situation.

“There are a lot of guys on this team on the offensive side — James, me, Brad, Crabtree — we’ve only got a couple of classes before we graduate. So we’ve just been straight film junkies, and I think it’s been really paying off to try to go through it in your head. Visualize, knowing when Coach Yurcich is going to call plays before he does. I think I’ve taken a whole lot of strides in that area.”

What a misdirection! A pro!

“There are plenty of ways to show excitement,” added Rudolph. “I’m obviously not going to imitate anybody. I do my thing, and I have a great time celebrating with my team. There are a lot of things we do behind closed doors that are a lot of fun. I’m just going to continue living in my world, control what I can control and have a good time.”

Living in my world is on the first page of the Gundy media playbook. All in all, it was the response you would expect from Rudolph. I don’t believe he’ll be planting any flags anytime soon, but if he did, I wouldn’t mind it.

  • TF

    So we’re pretty clear that you are all good with flag planting, regardless of who is doing it. Good to see you are actually posting about the OSU quarterback this time, although it was a much shorter post than yesterday’s when you spent two pages defending the guy in Norman.

    • Ric Willies

      I have no love for OU, but that flag plant was glorious. More should be written about it.

      • TF

        On an OU blog, perhaps

        • peteisabadman

          No. I mean, it is a big news story that will play across media throughout Oklahoma and surrounding Oklahoma sports this week. If Rudolph is being asked questions about it, then it is an obvious talking point, regardless of your predetermined disposition. If anything, Porter was ahead of the game on this one..

          • Brian S.

            Porter asked him the question, probably.

          • spokepokes

            The ou butt hurt prevents a lot of people from thinking critically.

          • TF

            Rudolph didn’t have much to say about it. Makes sense.

        • Shaun

          Let me know if you’d like us to stay or get off the lawn. I have a gut feeling, but let me know nonetheless!

    • brentparkey

      95 comments on that post. If people don’t want OU content, they need to ignore it. Clearly it drives traffic and engagement even on an OSU blog, and that’s all that matters.

      • TF

        So driving traffic and engagement is “all that matters”. Got it.

        • Alec M

          What else is a blog on the internet for?

          • TF

            I guess nothing. Still learning something new every day. I was actually crazy enough to think the purpose of this blog was to promote OSU athletics and provide useful information and insight relative to OSU sports and its fans. Stupid me.

          • brentparkey

            Economics are economics. The lights stay on based on traffic. Looking at all of the posts from yesterday about OSU, you have to combine the two about Brendan Vaughn to even get close to the comments on the Mayfield post.

            It was clearly a relevant post to a lot of people. It wasn’t for you, so don’t read it, do your part to not encourage posts you don’t like.

          • Alec M

            Sorry, I wasn’t trying to insult or mock. I can see why they want to drive traffic though. The more traffic then the more advertisement income. I get your point. but if it wasn’t OU or Baker Mayfield then we’d all be looking at this in a different light, in my opinion.

    • Petey

      TF is 100% correct. Some of you pokes are so damn obsessed with the world of UO. Concentrate on ours and get your heads out of their crimson aces. Also, you guys do know that Porter gets paid for every click he gets with Google Ads, right?

    • J.B.

      No one forced you to read it…but I bet you did anyway.

  • Hurley

    Mason would’ve made the flag actually stick. Poor Baker didn’t have the arm strength to get it through the field turf.

    • Kyle Porter

      I’m here for these comments.

    • Tayvl


    • Glen W. Walker


  • clok
    • KCOC10

      So since the Fayetteville Police own him by proxy they own Ohio Stadium?

  • Ryan Austin

    I thought it was over the top, but here’s my issue with it… using the tOSU v OU game LAST SEASON and the Buckeye players singing their alma mater after the game, as an excuse. They do it *every away win* and *every home game* since 1906! Baker Mayfield has been witness to Oklahoma State do it TWICE in his career… 2013 in Lubbock and 2014 in Norman. He didn’t bring it up pregame in 2014 & 2015. No one talks about Ohio State doing it in the Big Ten or Army, or Navy, etc. It’s their tradition. That’s what I get sick of, the bullchit lies from the fans and Baker. Heck, I heard OU fans saying they “stomped on the OU logo” and “sang their fight song” to the OU student section”. Just made up excuses.

  • Kenneth Blevins

    “Knowing when coach Yurcich is going to call a play before he does”, kinda like anyone who has watch 3 series of the Cowboy’s offense?

    • peteisabadman

      I’m not here for these comments.

  • OSU Student

    “I really couldn’t care less. I’m focused on our guys and making sure we’re getting after it.”

    This should be the thought process of every OSU fan out there. Stop bringing up pointless topics having to do with something that has 0.00000000% to do with Oklahoma state football.

  • Edward Jinkens

    Mason is a real class act.

  • Shaun

    So tired of “classless’ commentaries. It’s 2017. Celebrate how you’d like to celebrate as long as you aren’t hurting, shaming, or being a direct jerk to an individual (looking at you MLB and NHL). The idea that you have an acceptable range of physical body motions you can go through, at an acceptable volume level, and acceptable places you can do it before we the oh so sensitive public will cry outrage, is soft and ludicrous.

    It’s sports. Have fun. Enjoy it. That’s what makes it great, and that’s why we tune in.

    If you want to recruit high school athletes who want to come to your school to be part of a bunch of generic, lobotomized, ‘classy’ citizens, then I hope you have fun with your 2-10 season.

  • EW

    It comes down to having some class. Act like you’ve been there before you didn’t win a national championship it’s just one game. I’ll have my kids look up to Mason and the example he and the rest of the Cowboys set on an everyday basis.

    • peteisabadman

      Porter mentioned in his original post that you are glorifying a person for playing sports. How soon you forget a player was JUST kicked off the team, “the rest of those Cowboys”. Stop trying to turn players into something that they should never have to be. They are 18-21 year olds. You were never going to like the QB from the rival team anyways.

      If you took 100 people that read PFB versus 100 plarers from the football team, would you take the bet that you might find more skeletons in the reader’s closets than the player’s?

      • Glen W. Walker

        My grandmother has bled Crimson for nearly 80 years and she can’t stop talking about how hot Mason Rudolph is. So, yeah. You can like the QB from your rival team.

  • Shark

    Kyle is either “right” or he is “wrong”. Every issue has at least two sides…however, bedlam will be much sweeter this year (we hope).

  • David

    The Gundy indoctrination is com-plete… good… good… (lol)

  • UrbanCowboy

    My favorite part of Mason’s opinion on the matter was where he CORRECTLY used the term “…COULDN”T care less”.

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    Good kid, in other words, that ain’t me! #CowboyUp

  • michael hammond

    It ought to be a tradition.

  • David

    That’s my quarterback.