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Mason Rudolph Weighs in on Baker Mayfield’s Flag Plant



QB1 was asked on Tuesday about the Baker Mayfield flag plant at Ohio State last week, and he gave the entire question a full Heisman stiff arm.

“I think anybody with a device saw that,” said Rudolph. “Big game. I think we’re all emotional. The situation is what you make it. I really couldn’t care less. I’m focused on our guys and making sure we’re getting after it. Utilizing our off days and our time to prepare and put ourselves in the best situation.

“There are a lot of guys on this team on the offensive side — James, me, Brad, Crabtree — we’ve only got a couple of classes before we graduate. So we’ve just been straight film junkies, and I think it’s been really paying off to try to go through it in your head. Visualize, knowing when Coach Yurcich is going to call plays before he does. I think I’ve taken a whole lot of strides in that area.”

What a misdirection! A pro!

“There are plenty of ways to show excitement,” added Rudolph. “I’m obviously not going to imitate anybody. I do my thing, and I have a great time celebrating with my team. There are a lot of things we do behind closed doors that are a lot of fun. I’m just going to continue living in my world, control what I can control and have a good time.”

Living in my world is on the first page of the Gundy media playbook. All in all, it was the response you would expect from Rudolph. I don’t believe he’ll be planting any flags anytime soon, but if he did, I wouldn’t mind it.

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