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Memorial Set Up On Corner of Main and Hall of Fame in Stillwater, Four Names Released



The horror of Homecoming is over, but the memories of those lost will live on. With their families, certainly, but also with the Stillwater community. Homecoming will never not be marked by that day in 2015 when four people senselessly lost their lives.

A memorial has been set up on the corner of Main and Hall of Fame to remember the lives of the folks who passed.

Nakita Nakal (23)
Bonnie Jean Stone (65)
Marvin Lyle Stone (65)
Nash Lucas (2)

That would be this little fellow.

That’s tough to look at it, isn’t it? My gosh, I can’t even fathom that. I know there’s sickness and disease and all forms of death that comes for our kids. But not like this. Not like this.

The Stones both worked at OSU, Mravin as a professor emeritus and Bonnie as a coordinator of Institutional Research and Information Management.

Nakal was a MBA student at UCO from India.

Here’s a look at the memorial set up in Stillwater. And here’s the list of everyone who died or was injured.

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