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Mike Boynton Leads Orange Power Chant at Women’s College World Series

Look out, Pistol Pete.



OSU hoops coach Mike Boynton led the Orange Power chant on Thursday at the Women’s College World Series as the Cowgirls played Georgia in Oklahoma City.

File this under the category of Your Coach Would Never. Or, at the very least, under Your Coach Could Never Pull This Off.

How madly cool is this? He not only stands front row to lead the Orange Power chant, but then casually transitions to the OOOOOOO—–SSSSSS—-UUUUU chant with grace. Look out Pistol Pete — your job might be in jeopardy!

This is maybe the most human and normal thing ever to do, of course. But this is a millionaire basketball coach spending part of his offseason rooting on the softball team and doing it as one of the team’s biggest cheerleaders. Pretty cool.

Oh, and he must’ve helped, too. OSU won 3-2 over Georgia to advance in the winner’s bracket in OKC.

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