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Mike Gundy is stoked about Tyreek Hill

The hyperbole train keeps on choo-chooing.



From Kelly Hines’ piece in the Tulsa World today.

“He’s at a different level speed-wise than anybody I’ve ever coached and his attitude has been really good,” Gundy said. “We’re trying to find ways to get him the ball on offense and in the return game.”

“We should be able to hand it to him, pitch it to him and throw it to him and try to use his speed and ability to benefit our football team based on how fast he develops and is able to pick up the physical part and the mental aspects of the game at our level.”

A couple of things…

1. Gundy and hyperbole go together about as well as Bryant Reeves and a suit. So for him to say this…

2. People Mike Gundy has coached: Justin Gilbert, Tatum Bell, Perrish Cox.

3. I’m excited.

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