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Mike Gundy Reaches Out to Indiana Teacher Jacob Seaman after Heroic Acts during School Shooting



On Friday, what should have been a normal day for Jacob Seaman turned into an educator’s worst nightmare.

The science teacher and football coach at Noblesville West Middle School in the Indianapolis suburb of Noblesville, Indiana, saw a student enter the classroom with two handguns but instead of fleeing, he did the most unnatural thing one probably could do. He reportedly advanced, tackled the suspect and, in turn, probably saved several lives.

The story of Seaman’s heroics was picked up by ESPN as the 29-year old is a former defensive lineman at Southern Illinois University from 2007-10.

Mike Gundy read about Seaman’s actions and was moved to act. Being the head coach of a Division I football program has its perks.

There’s no word as to if or when Seaman will take Gundy up on the offer, but you can be sure Gundy will welcome him in style.

Seaman was shot three times while defending his students but underwent surgery and was released from the hospital on Saturday. A female student is still recovering.

Earlier this year, Gundy made a donation of approximately $35,000 to man officers at Stillwater’s schools in response to the increase in school shootings nationwide.

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