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Could Mike Gundy’s Mullet Be Used For Recruiting?



We have finally reached the end of the road for Mike Gundy’s mullet. Probably. Gundy will likely cut it after the season is over so we only have a few more glorious days of him being in the spotlight with the mane flowing like milk and honey.

Last week Gundy noted that the mullet might actually be a recruiting tool.

“I don’t know that I could take credit for that much of it,” said Gundy. “You know the old rule of marketing: ‘Anything that has your name out there whether it’s good or bad is good.’ When I go into homes of recruits they don’t really care, but their parents stare at your hair. I’m not sure whether they really like it or not. But, up to this point we’ve done pretty good recruiting.”

It’s true that Gundy has become excellent at these mini-reinventions of himself over the course of his decade plus in Stillwater. This year’s Billy Ray Cyrus fever is just another in a long line of humorous one-off sideshows that help keep the Head Visor in the public eye. One of his defensive players was asked about the mane on Monday.

“Him wearing a mullet?” asked Ramon Richards. “I’m not going to say nothing. But if we continue to have success, if he has the mullet, let him keep the mullet. Coach Spencer might be next. I might get me a mullet.”

Given Richards’ current locks, that would be quite a mullet.

So as the Arkansas Waterfall takes center stage one more time before Gundy and Co. hit the crootin’ trail in early January, let’s drink deeply from the pool because this is as glorious as a college football coach’s hair gets. Also, I’m not sure it’s helping with recruiting, Mike!

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