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Notes on Mike Gundy’s Pittsburgh Press Conference



Mike Gundy spoke to the media on Monday in front of the Pittsburgh game. Here’s a Cliff’s Notes version of what he touched on following Oklahoma State’s 44-7 throttling of South Alabama.

• Said Pitt is “similar, scheme-wise” in all three phases to last year.

• Said OSU has been pretty good on first down on defense, which pleases him.

• OSU has won 9 of 11 on the road, attributed success to having a veteran QB and preparation techniques. “Maturity of the program would be the leading contributor to success on the road.”

• Said he mentioned throughout the summer that OSU doesn’t have a big-timer on defense but he loves the speed and depth. “We might have to have some of those guys playing a little more” without Calvin Bundage for a half and with Kenneth Edison-McGruder day to day.

• Said Kirk Tucker “is a veteran guy and understands commitment.” With Kevin Henry out, Gundy said “We may shuffle a few guys around to balance out that depth chart.”

• Hopes football doesn’t get into the world basketball lives in regarding transfers. Says Gyasi Akem and Tucker are a great example of two players who are getting a chance who wouldn’t have if they had transferred.

• Pitt believes in “being very physical.” His mentality is the Big 10. “They’re in an attack mode.” Said they do a good job with their schemes and have some younger players playing. Regardless of what happens, “you go on the road and beat the team that won the national championship, you’re a pretty good team” (Pitt won at Clemson last year).

• On Pitt’s sweeps and motions: “It’s all about assignment and gap responsibility. It’s a good system.” Compared it to read-option football. Said the movement is a lot like what him and Les Miles did at OSU together.

• Said the home-away-home-away scheduling is “above my pay grade.” ?

• Said “teams we play know that” about having young corners but that they are coming along and that “minimizing big plays is important.” Said there’s give and take. Unless you have NFL guys, you sometimes give up either long or short stuff.

• Said he was “surprised at the way South Alabama defended us last week.” Didn’t think they would try to load up the box and play press. Noted that teams usually just stay in their stuff and do what they do.

• Didn’t see any Big 12 games but saw some scores. He was turtle hunting and skeet shooting instead of watching the OU-Ohio State game. “Looked like Oklahoma pretty much dominated that game.”

• On the turtles: “Gotta sneak up on them a little bit.”

• Said Ateman has “not missed a beat.” Use him near the goal line because “he’s a big body guy” and he was a good basketball player. “A good weapon for us when we get in the red zone.”

• On Ammendola: “We’d be better off taking 15-yard penalties” to back him up. Says issue with kickers is getting mentally whacked out, but he’s good at staying focused. Broke down why he’s better from deep but, “I’m certainly no expert in the kicking area.” Dropped an “outsider looking in.”

• Said his team is excited about playing in a NFL venue and admitted he’s excited about seeing a “pretty cool” venue like Pittsburgh.

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