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Mike Gundy’s Quotes on Tylan Wallace are Pretty Special

Love Gundy going deep on one of his fuys.



Mike Gundy has his guys. Over the years they’ve been the Brandon Pettigrews, Orie Lemons and Kendall Hunters of the world. I think Tylan Wallace might be in that category. I thought it before, and I really think it now.

Wallace missed Saturday’s game and will miss the rest of OSU’s games this season with a torn ACL. Gundy addressed Wallace’s injury for the first time after the game.

The way he said what he said made me realize two things. The first is how special Tylan is as a player and a person. And the second is much Gundy is in on him. These are not quotes you would get from Gundy on just anyone.

“I mean, I don’t really have to explain Tylan,” said Gundy. “What’s difficult, and I told the team this on Thursday night when I meet with them just them and me, the most difficult thing for a coach is when a player gets hurt.”

Gundy said he tried to keep all of this under wraps and even kept it from his family for a while. As somebody trying to report on this injury, I believe that!

“Especially guys that give everything they have to an organization. Tylan is a special talent, we all know this. But he’s very humble, he’s very unselfish, and he’s a tremendous player, and he’s a very, very hard worker. When you lose guys like that for a while, it’s difficult. It’s just hard for a coach to swallow.

“It just almost ruined my week when I left the office, when I went home. When I’m here, I don’t flinch. I stay the course, but when I go home, it just makes me sick to where I can’t hardly function at all. It’s hard to lose a guy like that, not only as a player but as a person, what he brings to the table.”

So yeah, those are some pretty cool quotes.

They have been truths in my (limited) interaction with Tylan, too. He’s thoughtful, smart and seems like he has a real plan for what he’s trying to do both on the field and in life. /subscribed

And while it sucks that No. 2 is done for the year (and his career?), the way Gundy addressed it on Saturday is a reminder of both how great he is and just how galvanizing a college football team can be. Get well soon, two.

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