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Mizzou Superlatives




Over… at some point in the first haf when Kim English started outscoring OSU. He trailed them by three at halftime but they pulled away in the second half.

OSU lost because… Missouri is a top five team. As Slater tweeted during the game, you aren’t beating a top five team that’s playing like a top five team with the rotation OSU threw out there tonight.

What… a fun team this was to follow this year. I know not all of you will agree with that statement but they competed every night, had fun together, and tried as hard as they could to get OSU fans into it. Not sure what else you can ask for…

Why… was Reid Gettys channeling a “down goes Frazier!” dramatic voice when Keiton got hurt in the first half. “Keiton Page is hurt! Keiton Page is hurt!” Settle down, big fella.

Where… can I buy stock in Kim English? Great player, better dude. If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you should.

Who… else is going to be disappointed if we don’t get a Kansas-Missouri title game?

How… about this text I got in the middle of the first from one of my friends: “these announcers are talking about OSU like they’re competing in the Special Olympics.”

Stat: Flip Pressey had 4-5-12-6-1 tonight. So like the opposite of Club Tril.

Hero: Keiton, as a farewell tribute to a terrific, if misunderstood, career. There’s tons of Ewing theory potential with him next year but I’ll still miss him. He deserved a better cast than he was given.

Goat: Nicholas Blair, he’s the basketpong dude. That’s all you need to know.

Grade: C – they were gassed from the get-go and as such got gassed by one of the best teams in the country.

A few more thoughts:

– Our pregame hype circle is pretty sad. It’s more like a pregame hype dot.

– The Marcus Denmon-Markel Brown shoe matchup (both had Jordan XIs on) was better than the Marcus Denmon-Markel matchup.

– How clean is Soucek’s stroke? I hope they redshirt him and he just kills it for the three years after that.

Next: Langaston (or a team like Langston) in November in Stillwater.

Thanks for reading this year, folks, and remember, spring football is days away.

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