My picks for the 2014 NCAA Tournament

Written by Kyle Porter

Here are my picks, sure to go awry by noon today.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 7.34.14 AM

I don’t know what to do with Kansas. I think they can make the Elite 8 with Embiid but I sort of don’t think he’s going to risk playing (why should he?) I’m all in on SFA and I really wanted to pick Pitt > Florida. I think it’s tough to extend a winning streak like Florida’s this late in the season.

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The teams I will be rooting for the hardest outside of OSU: Harvard, Creighton, Wichita State. I really hope we get an ISU-MSU matchup to go to the Final Four. That would be a war. Also, how do we have two “nobody believes in us” No. 1 seeds?

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Pretty chalky in the West other than that NoDakSta W over OU (I will celebrate wildly). I feel like I’m too invested in Creighton/McDermott at this point. I’m not even going to enjoy their games..and I swear if Baylor upsets them…

We’re good enough to beat Gonzaga soundly but I think Arizona has too many horses. You could make the case they’re the best rebounding team in the country — that bodes not well.

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Another boring bracket from me (I used the ol’ 538-KenPom-who I want combo to pick these, by the way). Tennessee is better than UMass (they’ll probably be favored) and I’m not riding the Louisville train Mrs. Pistols is on. If we get a Wichita State-Creighton throwback MVC matchup, it will be hoops nirvana.

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If they make it, I’ll be pulling for an Iowa St.-Wichita St. title game.

  • Jadecy

    I either know more than I think, or I’m as crazy as Pistols Guy….very similar picks with ISU, MSU, Creight, OSU….I have Wichita St vs Florida for the final game though. I’m rooting for the Shockers as much as I am OSU.

  • Aaron

    Mostly the same here as well, although I have Iowa State beating Duke in the final.

    • OSU-Bill

      The best thing about Iowa State beating Duke for the Nat’l Championship would be if Iowa State fans started becoming a little arrogant. I hate it when OSU loses to a team whose fans I like.

  • T-Bone

    Oh ye of little faith. OSU all the way baaaabbbyyyy!

  • smallory

    Same champ, same final, 3 of 4 final four members, I just have Michigan instead of Wichita State.

  • Taylor Rob

    Pistols guy, we have the exact same bracket up until the national title.
    Also your wife picking her bracket, lil’ pistols in tow was golden. Mrs. Pistols FTW.

  • T-Bone

    Boy is Marcus gonna flop when he sees the AZ pick over OSU. He might just tickle your twitter on that one. If you are at the game in the stands, watch out.

  • T-Bone

    Is Embiid still hurt or what? I see he will miss the first weekend. Is that 3 weeks now he has been out? Are they expecting to easily beat the first 2 teams and bring him back next week with an extra week of rest? That’s risky. Maybe he can’t even come back and KU’s tourney hopes are dim to none. I am a Big 12 homer in my picks so I need him. I already lost the billion dollars so now I just hope to get my $10 back.

  • Jake

    I will be surprised if Wichita State makes the Elite 8.