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Nerd Box Score: Oklahoma State and UTSA



One of the more humorous nerd box scores I’ve ever seen. A few notes on the festivities from Stillwater on Saturday.


• OSU had more swing points (21) than UTSA had total points (14). That’s two fumbles returned for TDs and another one that was punched in shortly after the turnover. This is why Glenn Spencer has a big house.

• The offense was back to its old form on Saturday too. When it was great, it was great and when it sucked, it sucked. This is why you see only 25 wasted yards. Those came on five collective drives. So five drives yielded 25 yards, and the other nine yielded 504 yards. All or nothing.

• The defense and special teams created a starting field position that will win pretty much every game. If you’re starting on average beyond your own 35, that’s an unbelievable advantage. Look at the difference in expected points per drive between OSU and UTSA. Multiply that by 13-15 drives, and you’re talking about gaining a full TD based solely on where you’re starting when you get the rock.

• 8.0 yards per play. That will eventually get Mike Yurcich that big house Glenn Spencer lives in.[1. Pending OSU’s Big 12 schedule.]

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