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New Hoops Recruit: Leyton Hammonds



It’s been a pretty up and down last week for Travis Ford.

First he, as one reader put it, played Matlock in the Darrell Williams case.

Then he was left open-palmed and slack jawed at the resulting verdict in the Darrell Williams case.

And somewhere in between those two events, he picked up a massive recruit from North Texas that could be, I guess, a replacement someday for the void Darrell Williams used to fill.

His name is Leyton Hammonds and he had offers from Clemson, Creighton, Houston (screw you, Dickey![1. Kidding, really.]), and most importantly OU. says the following about him:

[He’s] wiry and skilled wing, can handle and create, nice mid-range stroke, has size to finish in traffic, good passer, versatile player.

Hammonds isn’t a huge get like Smart and Nash were for Ford, but he’s the kind of guy Ford needs to complement his stars [2. This is assuming Ford has some semblance of a plan which I’m not totally sure is the case.].

He’s also the kind of guy that I feel like would go average 15 a game in Ames and will probably end up transferring from OSU within 24 months. I hope not, but what evidence do I have of the contrary right now?

Also this dunk…it iz gooooood.

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