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New Mexico State will pay OSU $10 a year to use Pistol Pete logo

Glad we had those lawyers on retainer from the Joe Wickline case.



Photo via Tulsa World

Photo via Tulsa World

For real, not a typo there. New Mexico State and Oklahoma State have settled on a $10 a year payment plan for the rights to sort-of-Pete.

From the AP:

A licensing agreement announced Wednesday will have NMSU pay Oklahoma State $10 a year to be allowed to continue using “Classic Aggie” on items sold through the NMSU bookstore.

However, NMSU can sell or give away only 3,000 such items annually.

Also, NMSU can’t use the image in connection with its athletic programs or recruitment.

Somewhere a law student is reading this, laughing, thinking about the absurdity of it all.

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