New Shirts: Big Daddy Makes Another Appearance in PFB Store

Written by Kyle Porter

Happy weekend, everyone. We have some new shirts for you. Chris Knox whipped up these Big Daddy™ beauties recently, and they are now in the store.

You can purchase them in white, gray, OSU orange or light orange (my favorite) for $26 (Gundy can purchase 192,000 of them with his 2018 salary).

Remember, if you sign up as a contributor you get a nice little discount to the PFB Store. Hope you guys enjoy.


  • PonchoPete

    OU fans will have fun trolling these shirts

  • stepdaddy

    The best t-shirt slogan ever as far as appropriateness and truthfulness is “OSU: Where the coach rocks a mullet, but coaches like he has a comb over.”

    Seriously, who besides Gundy considers him a “big daddy”? Maybe a few mullet worshipers? Just because he calls himself “big daddy” doesn’t mean HE IS A “big daddy.” He might be considered a “little daddy” in the B12 but Stoops is the undisputed “Bid Daddy” of the B12 and the state of Oklahoma.

    • mwb50

      Did you go to high school with Gundy? You sound like he stole your girlfriend in high school. what are you, 17 years old (and now your 50)?
      Whether true or not it can’t be argued your communication and logic skills are of someone that’s a teenager. The same old tired comments. If you ever had a valid opinion, no one is listening because of your communication style.

      Give it a rest.

      • Stepdaddy

        Why don’t you buy a couple of shirts? Better why don’t you wear one?

  • Forever 14

    “Big Daddy” is from his “Big Daddy” coffee cup, owned by dads everywhere since last father’s day at least. I had mine for a long time before he brought his to that press conference.

    • Rita

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  • zw

    Is that supposed to be a mullet or a beaver? Maybe man-bear-pig?

  • Harken45

    At first glance, I thought it was a dinosaur with his mouth open!

    • Sq

      LOL, I thought it was a squirrel

  • David


  • davids

    Grecian Formula would probably contribute to the marketing of these shirts.