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No Prime Time Big Monday For OSU



For the first time I can remember[1. And honestly, probably since Big Monday became a thing] OSU won’t have a prime time Big Monday game.

The schedule came out today and is as follows:

Jan. 14 — Baylor at Kansas, 9 p.m.

Jan. 21 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) — Oklahoma State at Baylor, 5:30 p.m. and Texas at Oklahoma, 9:30 p.m.

Jan. 28 — Kansas at West Virginia, 9 p.m.

Feb. 4 — Texas at West Virginia, 9 p.m.

Feb. 11 — Kansas State at Kansas, 9 p.m.

Feb. 18 — West Virginia at Kansas State, 9 p.m.

Feb. 25 — Kansas at Iowa State, 9 p.m.

March 4 — Baylor at Texas, 9 p.m.

Yay, we get to be the everybody’s-still-at-work precursor to a football rivalry played on a basketball court!

Last year, with a (hopefully) much worse team, OSU had two, one against OU[2. That got moved to ESPNU because the title game from hell was on ESPN] and one against KU.

I understand West Virginia getting three games (Big East market!) and Kansas getting four (duh). I’m not sure I understand Baylor getting three and OSU and OU combining for two. And poor TCU and Texas Tech…

There’s a lot to like about the squad coming back for OSU, and from a marketing standpoint, it’s tough to beat (well, it used to be tough to beat) GIA on a Monday night with two stars like Nash and (hopefully?) Smart.

I understand why ESPN did it, I just hope it proves to be a dumb move.

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