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Notebook: Another Triple-Digit Performance From Oklahoma State



Five thoughts are here, but let’s empty the notebook before we hop back to Bedlam preview stuff on Thursday. A few leftover thoughts on a poor performance by OSU on Wednesday in GIA.

• Is Lucas N’Guessan going to be, like, pretty good at some point? And does Brad Underwood want “some point” to be, like January 1, 2017? He sure looked pretty decent for stretches on Wednesday though I’m dubious whether that can hold when the Big 12 schedule comes calling.

• I loved the color on color uniform matchup. I also like the turquoise uniforms OSU wore to honor Native American Heritage Month. I don’t want them every week (or more than twice a season), but I’m a fan. Here are the other schools that wear them.


• Did Brad Underwood trade Jeffrey Carroll’s body for Terrel Harris in the offseason? Carroll had another 11-point, 9-rebound night off the bench. He has been pretty awesome through the first seven games.

• Underwood coached the entire first half like his assistants could not stop farting on the bench.

• I cannot figure out the Davon Dillard playing time pattern. I just do not understand it at all. He seems like he should be an absolute asset, and then he’ll go two games without playing before playing in the first half of the next. Related: He got abused on defense a few times by Rogers State (maybe there’s my answer).

• Brandon Averette is a dog. I want dogs!

• This from Mitch Solomon was impressive … I think.

• In how many OSU games will Jawun Evans be the best player on the floor? Thirty? More? He had a fake-the-screen-spin-the-other-way three-ball on Wednesday that made me yelp in my living room. Whooo boy, he’s a baller.

• Great Cornell Hatcher reference by Bryndon Manzer. We need to get him on a podcast.

• Playing badly and still scoring a lot of points is an art, and Oklahoma State is quite good at it.

• Cameron McGriff looks 19 the same way Danny Almonte looked 12 in Williamsport.

• Oklahoma State has gotten very good at throwing the over-the-shoulder pass to its bigs down low. That’s a staple of the Undie O, and I’ve enjoyed watching it. Easy buckets. Related: They have also gotten quite nifty at backdoor cuts and roll-offs (see N’Guessan at the top of the page).

• Evans is a very good rebounder. He’s also a great thief. His five steals in the first half were the third-most ever in a single half behind Brian Montanati in 1999 and Brooks Thompson in 1993. They both had six.

• OSU has four 100-point performances in seven games and 50 in the first half in five of them. They’re averaging a tick under 100 a game which is top five in the nation.

• Phil Forte reached the 1,400-point mark on Wednesday. Only 17 Cowboys have ever done that.

• What’s up with Leyton Hammonds? He’s just been nonexistent all season. Him and Carroll have gone in opposite directions.

• Evans gets NBA calls … which of course I love.

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