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Notes on Mike Gundy’s Postgame Pitt Presser



Hey, we have a postgame press conference from Mike Gundy. We didn’t get video of one in either of the first two weeks, but let’s dig into this one. A Cliff’s Notes version of Gundy’s thoughts after Oklahoma State’s 59-21 rout of Pitt.

• Good opening quote: “Obviously we had a good game today. Our players were really focused and they did a really nice job in preparation. As a coach that’s so gratifying. To see guys get ready to play a game, prepare and execute. Obviously we were very explosive on offense. Defensively we stopped the run.”

• He said OSU has a long way to go and a lot of work ahead, but that he was proud of the team on Saturday.

• Said Rudolph has worked on his footwork and ability to move in the pocket. “You see the importance of having a quarterback who can make plays.”

• He said he didn’t notice any drops at receiver on Saturday and told the team they were really good in all three phases.

• “We were focused, started fast and made key third downs.”

• He addressed the Tyron issue: “We had a few players this week who lost focus. We got out of our world and our culture. So when that happens they can’t be with us. But when we come back on Sunday, they’ll be with us and play games. They are healthy and they didn’t violate any rules outside of the team.” Got out of our world. I’m going to start using that on my kids.

• I thought this on Rudolph’s pick was interesting: “He made a lot of plays. He got out of his “box” one time, and when he did he threw an interception. He did not progress appropriately and it cost him. He made his mind up prior to the snap based on coverage, they rolled coverage and he threw an interception. So it is an example of what happens when you don’t follow the system we have in place. But other than that he was obviously really good.”

• Said Madre Harper and Brendan Vaughn not on the team anymore. “Guys stepped out of our culture a little bit.”

• Said linebackers played fairly well and were limited. He said Calvin Bundage watched the first half from the locker room, but might have “flipped it to SpongeBob at the start of the second quarter. Knowing Bundage, there’s a chance he could have done that.”

• Said Pitt’s structure was for the most part the same.

• “I have no clue what people are going to do (against us). We have to stay in our world.” Said it’s difficult to change who you are in two days. Few (if any) teams can do it.

• Said he’s “nervous every game. That’s why I’m underweight.”

• He said being on the road makes him nervous because you never know what can happen. He said he was more confident the Indians would win last night than he was that OSU would play this well on the road this early in the year.

• On the Sinor fumble: “That was a pretty bad looking play.” Said about Sinor, “Is that as high as you could jump?” He said OSU is going to start having a drill for what happened and work on kicking it out of the end zone.

• On Crabtree: “In the 80s when we were tough, they would have injected him and put him back out there.”

• Said the Big 12 is tough, but “I just look at scores.” Said all the teams all know each other really well.

• Called Yurcich “a taskmaster.” Said he brought him to Stillwater to hide him for a few years but isn’t sure he’ll be able to do so for much longer. “He’s pretty dang good at what he does. He’s as good as anyone I’ve had. He deserves everything he gets. Dealing with me on offense is not fun. I’m wrong a lot, and he just says ‘yes sir’ and goes on down the road and does what he wants to do a little bit later. He’s a smart guy and a good coach.”

• Said Mason just needs to stay in his world. Called him a “workaholic.” Also said, “He prides himself on being the Peyton Manning, Tom Brady of college football. That’s what he prides himself on, and he backs it up. Most people that are that committed that have some skill are going to be successful. His leadership and ability to be humble has been awesome.”

• Said he can’t shelter any players from the social media world we live in.

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