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Oklahoma State Doing It More Like Iowa than Bama, Ohio State



I saw this graphic on Saturday night, and I thought it was fascinating. I was also disappointed they didn’t show Oklahoma State because I wanted to see where the Pokes fit in.

Using the composite recruiting rankings on 247 (essentially, an aggregation of all recruiting rankings nationally), I found how many four and five-star guys OSU has in each class and total. Here’s a look.

2011 Class

4-star: 1
5-star: 0

2012 Class

4-star: 2
5-star: 0

2013 Class

4-star: 2
5-star: 0

2014 Class

4-star: 3
5-star: 0

2015 Class

4-star: 3
5-star: 0


4-star: 11[1. J.W. Walsh, Michael Wilson, Brandon Sheperd, Marcell Ateman, Vincent Taylor, Mason Rudolph, Gyasi Akem, Keenen Brown, John Kolar, Darrion Daniels, Kevin Henry.]
5-star: 0

So Oklahoma State has three more 4/5 star guys than Iowa does. And they’re all four-stars.

Remember, these are just guys who are still on the team. Herschel Sims, for example, was signed in 2011 as a four-star but was booted shortly into his career.  As a comparison, Alabama has more five-star guys in its last two classes (2015 and 2014) than Oklahoma State has combined four and five-star guys on its entire roster.

It has been absolutely incredible what Mike Gundy and Co. have done with this year’s team. They have a great QB (two of them, actually), but there’s not many other dudes on the roster that make you say “National Football League.” But now they’re 120 minutes from paydirt and they get them all in Boone’s house over the next two weeks.

If Mike Gundy isn’t the current frontrunner for coach of the year, then college football must just be a brand-name beauty pageant. Oh … wait. It is.

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