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Oklahoma State Given 7-1 Odds to Make College Football Playoff



Odds are out on the favorites for the four-team College Football Playoff this season, and Oklahoma State is deservedly in the mix. Bovada released its latest odds, and it included the top 22 favorites from Alabama to Tennessee.

Here’s a look.

Team Odds
Alabama 2-5
Florida State 7-5
USC 7-5
Ohio State 3-2
Oklahoma 5-2
LSU 4-1
Penn State 4-1
Washington 4-1
Michigan 5-1
Auburn 6-1
Clemson 6-1
Florida 7-1
Georgia 7-1
Oklahoma State 7-1
Wisconsin 7-1
Texas 9-1
Kansas State 10-1
Louisville 10-1
Miami 10-1
Notre Dame 12-1
TCU 12-1
Tennessee 12-1

None of these odds particularly wow me. Some are disgusting — Texas at 9-1 comes to mind — but none are really good enough to lay a lot of cash on. Georgia and Florida at 7-1? Kansas State at 10-1? It just seems so … unlikely (more unlikely than 10-1) when you know two of the spots are going to Alabama and either Michigan or Ohio State unless those teams lose like six games.

Oklahoma State at 7-1 is probably about right given where everybody else is, but again it’s not a number that makes me type ?¬†emojis to my friends. Still, it’s a blast for the Pokes to be so solidly in the conversation as August quickly approaches and a new season is upon us.

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