Oklahoma State to Host Six National Championships Through 2020 in Stillwater

Written by Kyle Porter

Title town? Well, Oklahoma State will be able to claim it even if it doesn’t win any NCAA Championships in the next four years. It was announced on Tuesday that several national titles would be decided in Stillwater over the next few years. Here are the six that will be doled out in Payne County.

  • 2018 NCAA Men’s and Women’s Division I Golf Championships (Karsten Creek)
  • 2020 NCAA Men’s and Women’s Division I Tennis Championships (Michael and Anne Greenwood Tennis Center)
  • 2020 NCAA Men’s and Women’s NCAA Division I Cross Country Championships (OSU Cross Country Course)

OSU will also host a men’s and women’s cross country regional in 2019, men’s golf regional in 2021 and women’s golf regional in 2022.

“We’re thankful to everyone who was involved in bringing these championship events to Oklahoma State and this opportunity means a lot to us.” OSU Athletic Director Mike Holder said in a statement. “We are committed to providing every student-athlete who comes here with a memorable championship experience.

“The people at OSU and in the community make Stillwater a great destination for events as prestigious as these. There are so few opportunities for an NCAA championship event to be played on or near a campus, so we don’t take this lightly.”

The last time the NCAA golf title was held in Stillwater was in 2011 when Augusta State beat Georgia in the final and Patrick Reed laid waste to everything he looked at. The women’s golf title has never been held there although it was held at Tulsa Country Club as recently as 2014.

“We built Karsten Creek to help our players achieve their dreams, prepare them for championships and to host championships ourselves,” OSU head coach Alan Bratton said in a statement. “We are grateful to the NCAA for trusting us to host such a great event and now it is up to us to put on a good show.”

The tennis news is even more exciting as Oklahoma State has been rewarded for their sparkling new facilities.

“One of our goals in building the Michael and Anne Greenwood Tennis Center was to host an NCAA Championship, and to see that become a reality is very rewarding,” director of tennis and head OSU women’s tennis coach Chris Young said in a statement. “We have built a strong fan base and I am excited for them to welcome the best in college tennis to Stillwater.”

Fun times for those who love college sports. I’ve become a big fan of the NCAA golf championships and will likely make my way up there next year to check out the action in person. Hopefully the Cowboys (and Cowgirls) are contending in a lot of these events. That would make some good news even sweeter as these competitions unfold in the years to come.

  • PonchoPete

    Make Stillwater Great Again

  • PythonPoke

    How does one get the job of flying from facility to facility to evaluate each locale?

    • Pistols Fired!!

      You have to know somebody… with a plane!!

  • Pistols Fired!!

    What is the typical cost of a spectator pass for the NCAA golf championship?? I am interested in going… and interested to see if Holder triples it!!

    • Kevin

      I’d be shocked if it costs much of anything. They just want people there. At the most you’d pay $5-10 for a day.

      • Pistols Fired!!

        Thanks, even if Holder Mikes it, I can probably still swing that!!

      • Travis Kibler

        Will drinking booze be permitted, I wonder, like PGA events?

        • Holy Buckets

          No booze.

          I’m fairly certain the event is free. I don’t remember anyone paying for the 2011 at least.

  • David

    Neat. These are all sports we have a legitimate chance of winning, too 🙂

  • RyanO

    I volunteered out at Karsten for the ’11 championships. I was the walking scorer for players from Duke, Florida and Michigan. It was an awesome experience (not to mention the free round at Karsten that came with it!) The kids from Duke and Florida said Karsten was one of the hardest courses they had ever played. (Also mentioned hearing about the Dragon’s Lair in Stillwater… RIP)
    The Player from Duke hit a wayward drive on #2, and when he went to look for the ball came across a rather large snake and said “nah, I’m good.” He took a penalty stroke on that hole with little resistance.
    Very much looking forward to getting out there again next spring.

  • HolyBuckets

    Karsten getting another natty is amazing. Out of all the football games, basketball games and ANY other OSU sporting event, there’s never been another moment like Sean Einhaus’ monster putt on 18. Karsten is such a still, surreal place. To see thousands of orange clad fans jump, holler and cheer at once was insane. I was on the balcony overlooking the green, and it was absolutely deafening.