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Oklahoma State is 66/1 to win national title



Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

You can get 66/1 odds on OSU to win it all right now, here’s a full list with all the Big 12 teams included.

Florida: 5/1
Indiana: 11/2
Michigan: 7/1
Miami: 8/1
Duke: 17/2
Louisville: 10/1
Michigan State: 12/1
Kansas: 14/1
Arizona: 16/1
Gonzaga: 18/1
Syracuse: 22/1
Ohio State: 28/1
Butler: 33/1
Kentucky: 50/1
UCLA: 50/1
Missouri: 66/1
Oklahoma State: 66/1
Kansas State: 75/1
Baylor: 100/1
Iowa State: 200/1
Oklahoma: 200/1

OSU’s odds have actually gone down since last week (they were at 50/1).

I know gambling is gambling is gambling and these odds are set this way so Vegas can take people’s money but for Kentucky to be considered more of a favorite than OSU right now, at this moment, is a joke.

Also, I would bet good money on Gonzaga at 18/1.

This list comes out every Wednesday so I’ll try to keep y’all updated up until the tournament.

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