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Oklahoma State Linemen Enjoying Presence of New OL Coach Henson



Kyle Cox wrote a good piece recently about the importance of Josh Henson sliding into the role of offensive line coach at Oklahoma State this season. He has a ton of experience, and maybe more importantly, he’s an awesome recruiter. It’s a position OSU has not recruited to all that well of late.

The early returns from his player indicate that they’re enjoying his replacement of former OL coach Greg Adkins as well. Of course all players are going to talk up a new coach, but if you read between the lines, the fit seems like a great one.

“He’s a really good coach,” said senior-to-be Larry Williams. “He’s more of a technician and he comes in here with a good attitude and enthusiasm. He makes sure we come in here and bring our best every single day. So I think he’s a really good coach that came in here and really tried to change things around.”

“It’s pretty different, but I still feel like we definitely are all bonding together and with him, his style of coaching and his approach to the game,” added WIlliams. I really feel like it’s really beneficial for us because he brings a different attitude to it than we’ve had before.”

Hidden in these quotes by Williams is a lot of language that makes you wonder about the experience some of these linemen have had. If you’re a redshirt senior — let’s take Zach Crabtree, for example — you’ve had a quartet of OL coaches that includes Joe Wickline, Bob Connelly, Adkins and now Henson.

I have no idea if Henson will stay longer than his most recent predecessors Connelly and Adkins (combined two years), but it seems like he’s in it for more of a long haul.

“I think we feel like we’re getting more aggressive because that’s something Coach Henson harps about to us all the time,” said Williams. “He wants us to be physical and bring our A-game. Getting better with our technique is also helping us to be more physical, because as long as you’re good with your technique, you can then go and be more physical. That’s one that we focus on a lot.”

Mason Rudolph thanks you.

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