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Oklahoma State plans Boone-sized video board




There was a bit of confusion in yesterday’s Bullets. I presumed that this O’Colly article was saying OSU was getting a video board inside Gallagher-Iba Arena (which it desperately needs by the way). The writer of that article has since amended his language for clarification (appreciated!) and the news is still good.

I’ve often wondered why the Holder-Boone tandem elected for four mini-sized video boards at Boone Pickens Stadium when you could toss something up on the side of GIA that would be the talk of the state.

I mean, you just spent over a quarter of a billion dollars on stadium renovations, I shouldn’t have to squint to see who just made a tackle.

So apparently Mike Holder is amending that.

According to that O’Colly article OSU will add a 110 ft. x 60 ft. video board outside of GIA (not inside) on the west side of the building.

This would be the third biggest video board in the country behind Texas’ (see above) and Miami’s.


Now, if we could do something about that even-smaller video board in GIA, we’ll be in business. Humorous side note: the two-person graphics on the GIA video board looks the old NBA Jam graphic.


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