Oklahoma State’s 2017 Regular Season Win Total Set at 9

Written by Kyle Cox

Sports betting service CG Technology released the first win totals of any outlet for the 2017 college football season and the over/under on Oklahoma States has been set at 9.

This total does not include bowl games or conference championship games. Based on that, last year’s total was also 9. Here’s how some other Big 12 teams looked according to the odds.

  • Oklahoma – 9.5
  • Oklahoma State – 9
  • Texas – 7.5
  • Kansas State – 7.5
  • West Virginia – 7
  • TCU – 7
  • Texas Tech – 6.5

The Cowboys have a tougher non-conference schedule than people probably give credit for with a trip to South Alabama (not a gimme) and a road trip to Pitt. Don’t look past Tulsa either with a Philip Montgomery offense that they hope will be a plug-and-play duplicate of what he ran at Baylor.

If the Cowboys make it into conference play unblemished, the Big 12 season sets up nicely (or nicer) with Oklahoma, TCU and Baylor coming to Boone Pickens Stadium.

This season looks to be a big one for Oklahoma State and the 9-win total shows that’s not just a local sentiment. That puts the Cowboys in the same company with teams like Clemson, LSU, Michigan and Louisville. The only two teams set at double-digit win totals were Alabama (10.5) and Ohio State (10).

Can we just fast forward to September?

  • StillOriginal

    From a roster stand point, what proven players does OU have this year besides Mayfield? Year in and year out Owho always starts the season all hype. Another thought, if OSU and OU were to switch entire rosters, where would each team rank respectively preseason?

    • VACowboy

      Good question. I would guess OU would be top 5 without a doubt. Maybe even just behind Bama and tOSU.

      • StillOriginal

        No doubt, maybe even top 3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were #1 honestly. The next step is beating OU more consitantly. Easier said than done, I know. Also, I think by far we have the best recievings group in the country. One of these years we have to be more aggressive and take some chances against OU. We will either win or lose.

    • Mark

      Yes, OU starts all hype, the difference between them and say, Texas, is that OU almost always delivers and validates the hype, whereas Texas does not.

    • OSU Student

      OU always finds a way to win at least 9 games, though. It frustrates the heck out of me, but its really hard to ever see OU realistically winning less than 8 games until they ever actually win less than 8 games.

  • Forever 14

    Set at 9? Oh well, saves me the trouble of watching the games.

  • OSU Student

    This seems pretty reasonable, other than having Texas way up at number 3 on the list. Kansas State is the third best team, in my opinion. I may be way off, though. I think we win at least 10 games this year. If we win less games this year than we did last year, when we had a tougher schedule last season, less talent, AND we “lost” to CMU, I will be completely shocked.

    • OkieState

      I’m not so sure we had less talent. Yeah we added some guys, but Lampkin, Stern’s, and Taylor are HUGE losses on the Denfense. Also Chris Carson was phenomenal down the stretch.

      • OSU Student

        Sorry, I meant that our players were less developed, and therefore will be more talented this year. Like mason, James, Justice, etc. but I do agree that the defense was more talented last season! We just need to hold teams to high 20’s-low 30’s and they should be okay. I’m not asking for much better than high 20’s though.

    • OkieState

      That being said, I still think that team last year had the talent to play in the playoff. CMU wasn’t a loss, and we were obviously the better team when playing Baylor. Also the OU could have gone either way, they weren’t better in that game, they were just better coached. That team last year could just as easily easily been 12-0.

      • OSU Student

        I’d like to see what a injury free mason could have done with the 2015 team. Last year overshadows the fact that he was 10-0 and 5th in the playoff rankings going into that Baylor game. Almost seems like years ago now.

    • austinpoke

      Will be in Vegas next week, and planning to load up on Under 7.5 wins for Texas. They’ll lose to USC, OSU, OU, @TCU, and at least one of these 3: @West Virginia, @Iowa State, or KState.

      • OSU Student

        I don’t disagree with you at all, but I have to admit the trip to Austin looks at least a little alarming. Not that I think we should lose that game, but it’ll still be one of the tougher road venues to pull out a win. Kinda like the game in Manhatten was last year. I think Texas has a better chance to win in Fort Worth than they do in Morgantown, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost em both. My guess is they squeeze out a 6-6 record this year and travel to Alaska for the whoopdeedo bowl against Southeastern Wyoming State Tech, or something like that.

      • OSU Student

        My guess for toughest games, based on location and time of the year, from easiest to hardest:
        – Vs Kansas
        – At South Alabama
        – Vs Tulsa
        – At Texas tech
        – At Iowa State
        – Vs Baylor
        – Vs TCU
        – At Texas
        – At Pitt
        – Vs KSU
        – Vs OU
        – At WVU

        Just my opinion