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Oklahoma State’s Early Enrollees Get Numbers

Who’s wearing what?



The Cowboys released their spring roster a few weeks back, but it was missing some numbers of interest.

Gunnar Gundy was the only freshman with a jersey number, as the rest of the Oklahoma State early enrollees were still awaiting their digits. The Cowboys’ roster has since been updated, and here are the numbers the Cowboys’ early enrollees will rock in, at least, their first season.

No. Name Pos. Height Weight
12 Gunnar Gundy QB 6-2 200
15 Ty Williams S 6-2 190
17 Lyrik Rawls CB 6-1 200
17 John Paul Richardson WR 6-0 180
18 Blaine Green WR 6-2 210
19 Bryson Green WR 6-2 210
22 Jaylen Warren RB 5-8 220
46 Nickolas Martin LB 6-0 200
51 Danny Godlevske OL 6-3 300
53 Tyler Berryhill LB 6-1 210
54 Silas Barr OL 6-5 275
81 Collin Oliver DE 6-2 220
85 Jaden Bray WR 6-3 190
92 Nathan Latu DE 6-4 240

That’s a lot of teens in the teens.

Blaine Green told PFB this past summer that he was six minutes older than Bryson, his twin. Blaine wore No. 8 at Allen High School, and Bryson wore No. 9. They each add a 1 to that with Blaine staying in front of Bryson, like at birth.

No. 22 is a slick number for running back, in my opinion, so watching the stout Jaylen Warren take handoffs in that number should be fun.

My personal favorite of the new numbers is Collin Oliver and No. 81. Oliver wore No. 18 at Edmond Santa Fe, so this is obviously a flip of that. I like the unique number for a pass rusher. Resembles Sam Wren a little bit.

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