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This video is all kinds of unintentional comedy as this blog’s namesake (Dave Hunziker) shoots pool with Keiton, Markel, and Christien Sager.

Some highlights

0:22 – Keiton looks at the camera like he’s the Black Widow and this is the national billiards championship.

1:12 – Hunziker freaks out like Markel just did some crazy trick when, in reality, I think he made either one or zero balls on the break.

1:44 – Hunziker is so dismissive of Sager. “Oh, go shoot ’em up, bud. What’s your name again?”

2:16 – Markel convinces Hunziker he dunked second grade. This killed me for some reason.

2:47 – How white does Hunziker sound when he says “we’ll look forward to that, that’ll be fun” about Markel doing a 360 dunk???

3:19 – “Christien never wins at anything we do.”

3:44 – “I’d lower my goal to six foot and dunk like Markel when I was a kid.” Six foot?? How about four?

4:54 – “I can shut Markel down.” I died.

6:56 – “I’d just like to say, when I got here I beat him 21-0”

7:20 – “You’ve got a lot of options, Christien.”

Great stuff from everybody involved. Hunziker is hilarious in situations like these, whether he means to be or not.

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