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OSU Commits Trying to Sway Top OL Prospect



With the boom in technology and the likely over use of social media and twitter, recruiting has morphed into a system where there are a number of voices in a recruits ear. Coaches, fans, and even fellow prospects are all able to communicate via twitter, although coaches only have access via direct message.

With Twitter being such an easy place to interact with fellow prospects, some of Oklahoma State’s recruits have wasted no time reaching out to other prospects in hopes to get them to Stillwater. The main target? Offensive lineman Tramonda Moore.

Of course, quarterback Nick Starkel is looking for some future protection. A 330-pound offensive lineman would certainly do the trick.

The next day, OSU running back commit Justice Hill also voiced his thoughts.

Then Rodarius Williams, one of the more vocal prospects in the class, also later chimed in.

Gundy had thoughts on the Jim Rome talk show with CBS on social media also. “There’s no question that the internet and the urgency and how immediate information can get out there has changed the perception and the way that the media or people like yourself work,” Gundy said. “Because when something comes out, people start chasing it. And it may not be as true as what it should be. So, it’s been a huge factor for us in recruiting and the everyday lifestyle of a college football player.”

There you have it. It’s likely Gundy is speaking towards the coaches and media impact on social media, but it’s hard to deny recruits are also influenced by fans and other recruits as well. Perhaps the impact could be a positive one on the recruiting trail for the Cowboys.

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