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OSU Football Recruiting: Where the Pokes Turn After Losing Sawyer Goram-Welch

A look at four potential fall-back plans for OSU.



For the second time in the last three recruiting cycles, Oklahoma State has lost a vital commitment from a defensive tackle and must now pull the emergency lever with force ahead of this month’s early signing period.

Two years ago it was Israel Antwine who bailed from his OSU pledge to join Colorado (he played one season before transferring to OSU this season). This year, it’s Sawyer Goram-Welch — a Longview, Texas native who decommitted over the weekend on the heels of a Texas offer.

So where can OSU turn from here? Let’s take a look at some names to watch as OSU refocuses its efforts.

1. Ayden Howard, 6-3, 272 pounds

Howard hails from Bishop Lynch in the ever-fruitful Dallas area. He’s unranked and uncommitted, but has reported more than a dozen scholarship offers from the likes of FIU, Louisiana, Villanova, Colorado, Charlotte, Utah State and others. While he’s not a big name replacement, he’s a college level player who OSU could probably scoop up.

2. Tiago Sumbo, 6-2, 280 pounds

Ranked as a three-star prospect, but Sumbo has fewer offers than Howard. His list currently consists of Louisville and a handful of other mid-major programs. Sumbo is from Katy, Texas, and like Howard, could be an easy late-scoop in case bigger options fall through.

3. Marcus Moore, 6-1, 272 pounds

Moore is committed to Louisiana-Monroe, but after (likely) being poached by Texas with Sawyer Goram-Welch, OSU should feel fine trying to do the same with a lesser program. Moore has two dozen offers but none from the Big 12. For a Texas native, staying closer to home and playing for a power program could be enticing.

4. Brandon Brown, 6-1, 319 pounds

This is one big fella. He’s not the same body type or style of player as Goram-Welch, but he’s a big bundle of a man who could be a run-stuffing DT in the middle of OSU’s run defense. Brown is committed to Tulane (and has been since July), but an opportunity at OSU would be a considerable step up.

How I think it shakes out

The easy way of doing business would be to call up a long-time target and let them know a spot, unexpectedly, is available. However, Goram-Welch’s decommitment comes as a surprise, and right now there doesn’t appear to be an immediate replacement at DT for him in this cycle.

Still yet, OSU has been in this position before and recovered OK. Because of the timing, I suspect the junior college route will be heavily explored — as will unknown players from Texas (the Jeff Carr’s of the DT world) who we’ve probably never heard of. There’s a wealth of talent in the DFW area and OSU knows where it’s all hidden.

If the staff can’t make something work in the coming weeks, then don’t panic yet — there is still the February signing day and OSU has plenty of time to try and fish out options before finalizing its 2020 class.

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