OSU Football: Spring Game Date, Time Set

Written by Kyle Boone

The annual spring football game gives fans and coaches alike an early opportunity to see what it has from a personnel perspective in a way-too-early fall camp preview.

This year specifically, there will be intrigue surrounding the QB challengers to replace Mason Rudolph; however with neither Dru Brown nor Spencer Sanders set to arrive on campus until the summer, this year’s scrimmage may not be all too illuminating in that regard (depending on your thoughts on CornDog and Wudtee).

Regardless, there will be no shortage of storylines. The majority of the attention this year may center around OSU’s new defensive coordinator Jim Knowles, an import from Duke who enjoyed success both on the field and in the recruiting rankings. With his new scheme set to unfold in real time this spring, OSU fans will get an early look as to what to expect from the sharp defensive mind and how his system fits with the current roster.

Or maybe not — I’d be surprised to see Knowles rushing Bundage off the edge to light up the QB’s. But in any case, his new scheme — how he positions his cornerbacks, what fronts his defensive line shows, etc. — will be worth watching.

Meanwhile, redshirt junior Taylor Cornelius and redshirt freshman Keondre Wudtee will headline the spring QB competition. And even more intriguing: Chuba Hubbard, the Canadian speedster who has drawn rave reviews in a redshirt season, will be on full display for onlookers to see.

Color me interested!

Here’s details on this year’s game announced by OSU on Tuesday.

Date: Saturday, April 28, 2018

Time: 1:00 p.m.

Location: Boone Pickens Stadium

  • gowrisankar1989

    I ‘m really intrigued to see how we are going to use Hubbard. We already have Hill, King, Brown for RB. Hubbard is our 4th choice! I mean, the depth in our RB this year is Wow! just like our WR last year. If only our QB, whoever it is, can sling it, we will be as deadly as last year.

    • zachattachone

      If they want to use him at RB I bet he quickly overtakes Brown.

    • TG

      A lot of our offensive success will be tied to the improvement in the offensive line. I am very interested to see how they progress this coming season.

    • Jared Doyle

      Everyone keeps saying stuff like this but we are breaking in a new DC and just lost most of our starting OL to graduation.. let’s no go all natty champs 2019!! Just yet lol

  • Joseph C

    If the game isn’t televised, we’d better freaking stream it to YouTube. Whole bunch of football junkies out there who want to watch it over and over until September comes.

    • TLowe

      Gundy has mentioned before that he never wants the spring game put on film to the public.
      Also this year more than ever it is important to get people out to the stadium, as recruits can now take official visits in the spring. Expect OSU to publicize it more than ever for that reason

      • Bettie

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  • Darth

    This is much later in the school year than it has been in recent memory. I take it all the spring practices will be after spring break then? Is this related to all the new staff positions not being on campus yet?

  • Jacob Richardson

    I think Bundage will be fine, there are growing pains with a true sophomore but when he was mentally discipline and was able to time snaps he was one of the best rushers in the country IMO now how Knowles utilizes that is yet to be seen I don’t know much about 4 man fronts but I would assume it would benefit him more as a player

  • Tayvl

    I started watching the offensive players in motion during that Hubbard film. Some plays the whole offensive backfield is headed toward the line full speed when the ball is snapped… LOL.

  • David

    Looking forward to it!

  • Troll

    Is that when four stars decommit?