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OSU has a top three football + basketball program

All of the D1 football and basketball teams, re-ranked.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

On Wednesday night Gavin Lang tweeted that OSU’s football program and basketball program are both top 12 in the country.

That’s excellent, but I want to know how it stacks up nationally. Are there any schools that are better?

So I went to the AP polls for both sports and added the rankings together. If you’re No. 1 in both sports you get a total ranking of 2 (both added together). That would be pretty incredible. In fact, anything under 15 is downright amazing. If you’re OSU you get a total ranking of 20 (8 + 12). Got it?

There are 125 division 1 football programs (FBS, whatever) so I got numbers on all of those. Only 36 teams receive votes in football and 44 in basketball so if you are outside “others receiving votes” I gave those schools a 37 ranking for football and 45 for football. So Alabama gets a 46 (1 + 45)

Only 14 schools are ranked in both sports.

Here they are:

1. Ohio State (13)
2. Michigan State (16)
3. Oklahoma State (20)
4. Louisville (22)
5. Oregon (24)
6. Baylor (27)
7. Duke (33)
8. UCLA (37)
9. Wisconsin (37)
10. Stanford (45)
11. Missouri (51)
12. Arizona State (55)
13. Notre Dame (56)
14. Washington (67)

Kentucky, Kansas, Michigan, and Arizona all received better scores between Wisconsin and Stanford but none of their football teams are ranked — and I don’t think any rational human is making the case that Kansas has a better football + basketball program than Stanford right now.

There are other teams that aren’t ranked in one of the sports (Alabama in hoops, Kentucky in football) that you could slide in there at the bottom of the list (you can see the full list here).

Oklahoma State is sitting pretty right now. Although it could tumble to the Oregon/Baylor range with a loss at Texas this weekend (probably won’t catch MSU unless it beats Texas and Baylor).

I’ll be interested to revisit this list in March. I think there’s a legitimate chance OSU could finish third (or maybe second). I don’t think anyone is catching Ohio State.

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