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OSU hasn’t been double-digit dog at home since 2005

In fact, it’s only happened in Stillwater twice.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Can I just be honest for a second and say that I hate college football lines? They always come out on Sunday morning but everybody posts the offshore ones which are always crazier than the real Vegas ones and the whole thing is a free-for-all.

All that aside OSU currently sits as a 9-point underdog to Baylor (according to the big Vegas books) in Stillwater this weekend. The game opened at Baylor -10 or -11 or -11.5 depending how far offshore you care to meander.

So that got me to thinking…in the Mike Gundy era when is the last time OSU was a double digit dog at home?

My first thought was that it had to be a Texas or OU game. 2009 Texas,[1. Texas -9] I thought, or maybe 2008 OU[1. OU -7] but no, it was actually Texas Tech in 2005 — OSU was a 23-point underdog…and won.

Bobby Reid was 10/18 for 82 yards and a touchdown and Mike Hamilton ran for 161 and a TD and OSU somehow squeaked by 24-17, its only Big 12 win that year.

After that game Mike Leach said this: “They hit harder than we did. They ran faster than we did. They wanted to win the game more than we did.”

Here are the other double-digit underdog games of the Mike Gundy era:

2008 — At Mizzou (-14)
2008 — At Texas (-12)
2007 — At OU (-13)
2006 — At Texas (-18)
2005 — At Iowa State (-14)
2005 — At OU (-19)
2005 — At A&M (-20)
2005 — Texas at home (-37)

We covered that 2005 Texas game, by the way. You can see all the OSU spreads from 2005-2012 here.

All that to say I would be shocked if this line got up to 10 or 11. OSU just hasn’t traditionally been a double-digit dog at home under Gundy and especially as a top 12 team.

I know Baylor is a different animal and the way they score affects lines but something in the 7-8 range feels about right. As it stands right now this would be the third-biggest home spread ever for the Cowboys.

This will be Gundy’s 58th home game of his career and he’s only been more than a TD home dog four times:

OU in 2008, Texas in 2009, Texas in 2005, and Tech in 2005. One win, three losses.

A lot has changed since that 2005 game against Tech, though. OSU is a top 12 team instead of the sieve that nearly lost to Montana State at home and could only muster one Big 12 victory. One thing that hasn’t changed, though? This guy’s hair:

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