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OSU Holiday Gift Guide



Yes, I know it’s three days before Christmas.
Yes, I know it’s mostly too late to buy any of these things.
Yes, I know that most of my readers are males and are in a flat-out panic over what to buy anybody because they’ve waited until the last minute like me.

Or maybe there are some females out there doing some last-minute scrambling. You might not be able to get any of these items by Sunday but at the very least you could order them, print this page out, and wrap it up as a gift. You get a good gift idea, I get free advertising, everybody wins.

Either way, here’s your 2011 OSU Holiday gift guide (plus a map of what not to buy at the bottom):

1. Orange Nike socks

I’m not a huge “wear orange all the time” guy, but these are pretty comfortable and would look good with some all white Js.

2. Desmond Mason Thunder jersey

If I could have find the Desmond face shirt they gave away a few years ago at OKC Hornets games I would have included it, this is the best I could do though.

3. Orange “State” hat

There are quite a few terrible OSU hats out there (see below), this is not one of them.

4. Baseball Pete shirt

I debated for 15-20 minutes between this and the tennis Pete one but ultimately settled on this one. Bonus: it’s unisex!

5. White Nike OSU jacket

One of the cleanest pieces of OSU gear out there. It’s a little pricey but totally worth it.

6. Black Nike polo

Again, a lot of terrible polos out there, but this one works in pretty much all settings…besides Boone’s black tie affairs. Might want something different if you’re going to one of those.

7. Fiesta Bowl Nike beanie

Is it bad that this is the coolest piece of Fiesta Bowl gear I could find? Good luck to whoever wins our Bowl Pick ‘Em at finding something worth the 30 bones they get to splurge.

8. BCS games on iTunes

You can buy the OSU-Stanford game by itself for $1.99 in a few weeks, or you can preorder all the BCS games for $15.

9. Signed Gundy/Weeden/other players helmet

Sure, if you have 5 hundy to drop.

10. Rickie Fowler signed OSU flag

Um, yes.

11. The Last Putt

Stanford vs. OSU the prequel?

12. Friday Night Lights (the 5-season collection)

Stop resisting the best sports TV show of all time.

13. Death to the BCS

Not sure how much coaxing I need to do to get you to purchase this baby. Bonus: Kindle edition is only $10 and delivers immediately.

Now what NOT to buy (this was entirely more entertaining for me to sift through). Apologies in advance if any of you own any of these items.

We can spit these babies out but we can’t have a linked store to Karsten Creek? And we’re letting the guy in charge of all this negotiate a multi-million dollar decade-long contract with our football coach? (

If any of you pick this as your Fiesta Bowl gear for winning the bowl picks group, I’m 1.) not buying it for you and 2.) blocking you on Twitter. (

Adidas + flames = please, PLEASE make it stop. The only way this could be worse is if you could turn the multi-colored faded lanes in GIA into an article of clothing and gift it. (

Actually come to think of it, not a bad idea to purchase one of these babies for any Big 12 fans from other schools you might know. (

55,000 screaming orange power = good. Orange power emblazoned on a multi-colored hat = bad. (Shop Okstate)

This is not an OSU logo, I don’t care what the Student Union tries to tell you. (Lids)

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