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#OSUrank (#12) – Christien Sager



I’m ranking the OSU basketball squad NBA-style leading up to OSU’s first exhibition affair on November 1 with Ottawa. Use the #OSUrank hashtag on Twitter to join the convo.

Who: Christien Sager #15

Why: The second best of the domestic white guys, Sager actually got some quality playing time last year in Big 12 games (and even outscored Cobbins and Soucek combined in the Tech game).

He’s a prime candidate for the Club Tril belt this season and who knows with the way guards under Ford exit stage left he could get more quality playing time this season…

I’m basically ranking him this high because he’s played legit Big 12 minutes (unlike the three guys below him) and he dropped this jewel on Dave Hunziker last year about being able to shut Markel down.

Twitter: @christien_sager

Stats: Not big enough to print.

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